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The Legion Changes Suggestion v3.0.0



  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    alright cool! If you are happy with it i'll put it in my thread too! Thank you and i'll be sure to credit you!

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    got ya!

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    @UlvenDagoth Fatal Laceration is a new effect that i made.

    I cannot rework the Deep wounds because of BT so instead i made a new effect the Fatal Laceration.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Soon the legion will not going to be a killer and join the survivors as a new survivor and escaping frenzy will be one of their perks😆😆.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,750

    No. This would make Legion OP, even worse then Old Legion. You'll literally have a free down every single time you use your power, every chase, every time.

    A better idea would simply:

    1: Not have his power drained on basic attacks.

    2: Let Frank's Mixtape be base, and then keep the current Frank's Mixtape, so there is a reason too even use Mixtape.

    3: Reduce the cooldown for ending frenzy, and increase the recharge speed of his power.

    4: Rework Deep Wounds so it's actually a threat, my idea would be too have any survivor in Deep Wounds have -15% action speed too repair, healing, and sabotaging until healed.

    Your idea is simply way too strong too be in game, you would make Legion better then Pre-Nerf Nurse and Spirit combined. And the idea of having Fatal Laceration is just Deep Wound's with a different name and a OP result for being hit twice by Feral Frenzy.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313
    edited October 2019

    survivors almost always have have Self-Care and med kits and FF has a long cooldown.

    think about it unlimited basic attack with no cooldown and lower FF Cooldown with faster recharging is more op as it will quickly end the deep wound and down 2 survivors in one run and quick recharging to chase again.

    Flash light is also needed to undo wraith's invisibility and hags so its only fair to have self care and medkit to undo his effect and hillbilly can 1 shot you and you can't even heal dying state so why is that?

    Read it all again and after you read it again what do you suggest that needed a change in my LIST then?

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  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313


    Now open for Opinion and Suggestions.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    V1.8.6 changes is now open for reaction and opinion

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    @UlvenDagoth check this out

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I think it best if I just copy over this when you are done with it XD

    How about you explain to me what the idea behind this rework is? Like what is your goal?

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    My idea is To remove "deep wounds" effect and focusing on the new "Killing Instinct" mechanic and new effect "Killing Intent" to hunt survivors One by One a lot different from the pre-nerf Legion that can down 2 to 3 survivors in one Sprint.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Oh, then no, I don't like it. You are focusing on downing one guy... and to me that's not what makes Legion fun. Sorry man, but Legion needs to keep the uniqueness.... and this is NOT how you do that.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313
    edited October 2019

    Let me explain: @UlvenDagoth

    The power is use to focus one guy bringing him down, hooking him and finding other survivors to reduce the cooldown of Feral frenzy because it takes full 30 seconds to be able to use your power again, so you need to find other survivors and hit them because by hitting them it fill the power gauge of the power by 1/4.

    •The cooldown is half a minute (30 seconds)

    It will Bring a gameplay that will force the killer to find other survivors instead of camping

    You can down the running survivor very fast if you play mind games and outsmarting him because he is revealed and if you are not good at mind games and you lose him then look for the other survivors and if you luckily find him then hook him and search again

    it will not be called tunneling if you down him fast

    I hate camping and tunneling and I made this with that in mind

    I will make add-ons later, one will be:

    -Revealing all the survivors within your terror radius

    -increasing your fatigue time by 1 second

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Let me explain @UlvenDagoth

    This Legion gameplay is a lot different than what you think, you need to down one survivor quickly with playing mind games wisely After you hit him with Feral Frenzy because he is revealed and if you lose him find other survivors, another way to bring down a survivor hitting with basic attack then down the survivor with feral frenzy then hook him after that you need to find other survivors to hit them with basic attack because hitting with basic attack will fill 1/4 of the power gauge so in order to use Feral frenzy again you need to do that

    -Pre-frenzy cooldown 2 seconds and Frenzy power gauge charge time 28 seconds a total of 30 seconds(Half a minute) its a long cooldown and making the legion want to find more survivor to put his power to good use

    Quickly bringing down a survivor is not a tunneling so its safe, this feral frenzy will make the legion constantly search for survivors instead of camping

    I hate camping killers so I made this with that in mind

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Cons of new feral frenzy


    -Fatigue after the duration

    -Fatigue after hitting

    -hitting once will end feral frenzy

    -Pallet drop can end feral frenzy

    -Long power charge time

    -Survivors' Scratch Marks and Blood Pools are hidden from The Legion's view

    •I will make some add-ons soon


    Reveal all the survivor within the terror radius (instead of the only one that got hit)

    Increase the fatigue time by 1 seconds (total of 3 seconds)

  • The_Killer_LegacyThe_Killer_Legacy Member Posts: 31
    edited October 2019

    In my opinion, Deep Wound doesn't apply much pressure to the survivor as it is now, BUT if they had to change something in Legion, I would say that Feral Frenzy attacks to go back as they were previously, every succesful frenzy attack will decrease the Deep Wound Timer, with all the hits after the first one ending the Feral Frenzy.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Survivor's will not like that though thats why it got nerfed to the ground

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Survivors would not like that though thats the reason why it got nerfed to the ground.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    V1.8.8 just a minor change

    Feral frenzy full cooldown from 30 seconds changed to 26 seconds

    Hitting a Survivor with basic attack while Feral Frenzy is Not Active will refill the power gauge by 1/3 of its maximum (power refill changed from 1/4 to 1/3)

    Feral Frenzy duration lasts for 12 seconds (duration changed from 14 to 12 seconds)

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Yes, I get what you are saying but I hate the Idea of Legion's power being turned into that. I'm sorry, but I can't support it cause it removes what I LOVE about Legion. I can not support something that will do that to Legion, as to me, it wouldn't be Legion anymore.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    if we dont want the legion to get nerfed to the ground again, we need to sacrifice and forget the old one to move forward to a better gameplay on both sides

    The old legion is broken in the survivors eyes they will surely demand a nerf if they bring the old legion back, I know that because i play both sides, bringing back the old legion will not fix things

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I know that. But you are still taking away what is Legion about Legion. Don't you get that? The multi hitting and spreading the pain and running around. The "Rush Down" style... or more Blitz attack.... is what makes Legion Legion. This is just "M2 this man down and then hit him." it's not anything different or unique.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    I get what you mean, but multi-hitting is the reason why it got nerfed

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    no you don't get it. I don't mean hitting the same survivor multi times. I mean going after his friends AFTER hitting the first guy.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313
    edited October 2019

    Almost all killers are basic attack killers, the only reason why gameplay is different is because of the power, so it is different

    The reason why ghost face and myers have Almost the same gameplay is because they both having stalking function and exposed effect in their power and they are both using a knife making it more redundant, this is an example of not anything different or unique.

    Examples of some not basic attack killers are hillbilly and leather face they have different gameplay because they have different power.

    You cant go around saying This is just another basic attack killer it's not different or unique, Because almost all killers rely on basic attack to down someone, imagine the nurse can blink but she doesn't have basic attack function or the wraith can go invisible "cloak/uncloak" but it doesn't have a basic attack function making it unique but stupid at the same time

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Then they will not stick together making your power useless because you cannot down the first survivor that you found even if you hit him 2 times and you cannot reach and find the other survivors in time because they spread out all over the map and even if you found them they can pallet drop you on the head losing your power and putting it to cooldown again.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    okay, well you aren't listening to a word I am saying. Sorry, I'm not gonna endorse this any more. Don't mention me in it please. You don't seem to get what I am saying and don't want too. You would be removing the soul of Legion with this "rework" and I am not for it. Have fun in the Fog, and I mean that for real even if I am mildly disappointed in this.

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