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Killer Tweaks and who needs them first.

This post will be covering my personal opinion on tweaks and additions to killers that I think are needed to bring them closer to being "viable" in the current meta, and better to play as overall. Killers are listed in order of who I think needs changes first, to the least important. I'm going to explain what changes I think should be implemented and try to explain why if needed. I will also list killers that I think don't need changes and are perfect in their current position. Feel free to disagree and share ideas, I'd love to hear them.

1: The Cannibal

As far as I can remember The Cannibal has existed in his current state since his incarnation, which is quite unfortunate considering he is from a franchise as big as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While yes, he has the ability to insta-down, it is incredibly situational and often can not be pulled off without Play With Your Food, or catching a survivor off-guard. The main culprit of this is the base acceleration which is abysmal. My suggestion for tweaking him into "viability" is to drastically increase the base acceleration of the chainsaw. This will not only make him scary to be in close proximity to, but will also allow him to apply map pressure quicker, and make unhooking near him possibly fatal.

2: The Clown

The Clown was very scary upon his initial release, but as players have changed and adapted he has quickly become one of the worst killers in the game. My personal recommendation for tweaking would be to make the "Tattoo's Middle Finger" base kit, this add-on will allow the clown to see the auras of intoxicated survivors for 6 seconds. Another change I have thought about is to force a survivor to preform a slow vault whenever under the affects of "The Afterpiece Tonic". Let me know if you think this would be too strong, I haven't been able to come to a decision.

3: The doctor

The Doctor's main problem is his reliability on add-ons, his base kit lacks the tools needed to be viable. For starters, "Illusionairy Pallets" should be apart of his base kit, this deceptive tool can fool survivors who have wandered into a place of a map they haven't been before, or catch them off guard if they don't pay attention. The Doctors base shock radius is also very small causing most players to rely on the "High Stimulus Electrode" add-on which increases the shock therapy range by 75%, while I don't think this add-on should be base kit, a middle ground should be met at around 40-50% larger than his current radius. With the high reliance survivors have on exhaustion perks in our current meta, I also think afflicting exhaustion on survivors while in Madness III should be base kit, this effect is currently apart of the "Iridescent King" add-on.

4: The legion

Buckle up, this is gonna be a long one. The Legion has been through multiple iterations now and I think it's time we settle on one that works. While others think The Legion needs to be completely reworked like Freddy, I disagree, as I think moderate changes to his base kit will make him much more viable, and I personally think he is a fun killer. A start would be to bring back his old "Feral Frenzy" movement speed which would change his current frenzy speed from 5.0m/s to 5.28m/s. Next, missing an attack while in "Feral Frenzy" should not cancel the power, instead I believe a 25-50% duration deduction should be added as the penalty. The "Franks Mixtape" add-on should be added to his base kit, which would allow Feral Frenzy attacks to "Moderately reduce a survivors deep wound timer". The next problem to address is the "Deep Wound" status effect itself, which is applied to survivors when they are hit during a frenzy. Currently the Deep Wound timer is paused while inside the killers terror radius, this should not be the case, the timer should only ever be paused while in a chase with the killer. Finally his status effect add-ons such as "The Legion Pin" should be reworked so that they apply when initially hitting a survivor during feral frenzy, and not having to return and hit them a second time, cancelling your frenzy.

5: the wraith

As much as I love The Trapper, The Wraith simply needs more love, He is a stealth killer who gives up his position by turnin- *BING BONG*. You get what I mean, for a start this could be fixed by bringing the "Bone Clapper" add-on into his base kit, this makes it so survivors can't discern the Wailing Bell's distance or direction, this will put survivors on edge, and make him a much more surprising killer. Secondly, I think increasing his base movement speed while cloaked slightly would help a lot.

6: the trapper

Two very simple things need to be done with The Trapper. The common "Trapper Sack" add-on needs to be brought into his base kit. This allows The Trapper to start with one extra trap, and be able to hold two traps in total. Secondly, and more importantly the RNG of escaping a trap needs to be fixed, how this will be done I'm honestly not entirely sure of, but stepping in a trap and immediately escaping it should never happen. One fix for this could be to bring the "Wax Brick" add-on into his base kit, which "Moderately reduces the chance to escape a bear trap."

7: The pig

Similar to The Trapper, two changes need to happen. First remove the growling when charging an ambush. Second, the "Reverse Bear Traps" have lost all severity with the addition of the end game collapse, and this needs to be fixed, how I don't know so feel free to tell me any ideas you have on that.

8: The spirit

Just rework the "Prayer Beads Bracelet". And if the devs are feeling extra spicy, then make it so when she is phasing she has no collision with survivors. That's it, no major nerf needed, she is in a good spot at the moment.

9: the ghost face

Just iron out the revealing process, sometimes you will stare directly at him and never reveal him, and other times you will be revealed through walls and barriers. Just fix it, that's all.

10: Killers who don't need change

Nurse, Billy, Myers, Hag, Huntress, Freddy, and Plague are all in perfect positions right now, and don't need any changes in my opinion.


So what I originally thought would take maybe an hour at most to write has taken me around 5. So if you read through all of this your a cool person! I'd love to hear your opinion on my opinion down below. Please keep in mind that my ranking doesn't necessarily mean I think higher killers are worse than lower ones. It's just my personal opinion on who needs change first. Hope you all have a great day, and Ill see you in the fog. (Also I probably made a lot of typo's in this so please forgive me)


  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,741

    I agree with the killers you listed here needing a change, except for Pig maybe.

    All the 6 killers listed first do need some buff in some way. But they don't need to be big buffs. As for Clown, I would really love his map pressure to get buffed some how, but if they just further buff his chase potential, I do think Flask of Bleach should be basekit. And his bottles should automatically refill when downing or hooking a survivor.

    I do personally think that Pig doesn't need to be buffed honestly. We need to keep the planned map reworks in mind, which will already buff most low tier killers, and mid tier as well. I think Pig will be perfectly fine after most maps are reworked, as I feel like she is pretty strong now already and doesn't need any other help.

    I do think Spirit's base kit needs some looking into as well. I do wish survivors counterplay against her was more skill based and less luck based. A small nerf would not make her unviabel in my opinion, but more fair to play against.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    About Clown, that solves nothing of his problems. Tattooed Finger is only largely LARGELY situational. Making an underwhelming ultra rare add-on basekit wont make him better.

    He needs the following:

    - A bigger slowdown on his bottles (Flask of Bleach basekit), or longer intoxicated effect duration basekit, or both.

    - Reduced reloading.

    - Optionally a secondary ability to defend generators.

    - Not getting slowed after a throw.

    - An additional effect for landing direct hits. Not as powerful as Pinky Finger, but something like Begrimed Chains or Heads.

    - And, most importantly, fix all the bugs he has. Especially, bottles exploding on his hands and Survivors not getting intoxicated.

  • SinfulHarlotSinfulHarlot Member Posts: 154

    Honestly, fix the 99% start-up fail and make beast marks base kit. I'd be pretty happy as a LF user.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,741

    I mean he definitely doesn't need all of that. A few buffs yes, but not all.

    A secondary ability for map pressure would be nice.

  • Rin_is_my_waifuRin_is_my_waifu Member Posts: 921

    Spirit doesn't need a change at all. Prayer beads can easily be countered by spine chill or just hearing her footsteps or even gen tapping

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 1,631

    I'm just gonna focus on Doc because that's the killer I have the most experience playing.

    You do NOT want to extend his range very far. You want it to have a nice middle ground where you can goose a survivor to block a pallet or window interaction, but be close enough to follow up with it. Making 40%, which is better than the brown addin, is WAY too much.

    The Brown addin is plenty long enough on it's own, and most people feel that range should be base. Personally, I'd prefer no more than HALF of that increase because I'd rather keep the charge time as it is. If they increase the range, they'll have to increase the charge time. You also have to remember - if they increase his base, those electrodes ARE GOING TO GET NERFED to compensate, I guarantee it.

    Most of the Doc's addins are quite good (although frankly, the range on the brown Calm addin is kinda pointless). Only one that's garbage is the scrapped tape... that thing just needs to get changed.

    Doc is not an optimal killer, but he's just strong enough that if you are not careful with him, you'll tip him into the overpowered range without meaning too.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    His power is about chases. Unless they add something as a secondary power, his power needs to be powerful. How come Freddy, who has a power for chases and pressure, has a stronger chase power than Clown even though their ability is the same? How come snares that have no add-ons attached to them, other than the one that makes them worse for more BP, are better than a whole power dedicated to the same concept?

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,741
    edited October 2019

    I personally don't think Freddies snares are better than Clown's bottles. They both have their advantages. Difference is Freddy has a fantastic secondary ability to apply map pressure, and Clown doesn't.

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 238

    I disagree with almost everything, but most of all legion. Mending CANNOT be active while not in a chase, you will bring the exploit and the dcs backs

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 238

    It is not about thinking or opinion, freddy's snares have a bigger hindrance effect, come in bigger quantities and dont slow down the user.

  • GODOGGODOG Member Posts: 17

    I'm not sure how people think The Pig is fine, especially with all the shadow nerfs they have been slinging her way...that being said luckily she can be fixed easily, mostly by just reversing her nerfs

    • Reduce her base TR to 28 again. Or even 24 as a sorry for all the Pig abuse. This way she can actually use her stealth without absolutely needing M&A again
    • Remove the absolutely braindead 'Basic Attack' change to her Dash, and do this for Demo's too so you can't abuse STBFL with him and his own perk Surge actually works for him.
    • RSN2 base, the replacement is an addon that starts all survivors with RBTs on their head, inactive of course, and you don't have any more to put on unless you bring Last Will.
    • Inactive RBTs detonate at the Exit gates. If any survivor has an RBT on the EGC timer is slowed as if they are Downed/Hooked. This is such a no brainer fix to preserve her power without being overbearing I have no idea why BHVR didn't do this.
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