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How to fix Mettle of Man and all of Ash’s perks

Rework mettle of man altogether or make it 2 protection hits. I suggest to make mettle of man a perk where you can earn the right to negate all status effects that the killer can push on the survivor.

for example. Clown’s bottles will still slow you down but his add on to put you into exhaustion will not do anything for the amount of tokens you have on mettle of man.

Like maybe for every survivor you heal or save from hook you get a token up to 3 and a token depletes when a status effect occurs.

(@ everyone who can’t read without these paragraphs, go back to 3rd grade)

for flip flop let your recovery put up to 80% on the wiggles meter then flip flop will ACTUALLY work it wouldn’t be OP it would reduce slugging and let it work instead of it working once every 200 times.

for buckle up keep its effect but add a secondary effect where if you have it on healing downed survivors will increase 30-40% faster whichever is the most balanced and it also includes you if you’re down. So if you have buckle up and you’re downed if someone heals you they heal like 30% faster also it doesn’t stack with multiple buckle ups for obvious breaking the game reasons.

what do you guys think? I’m a killer main and I think these are fine (flip flop may be a little op because I slug for the 4K and that might hurt this but I’m willing to let it be since ash has the worst or 2nd worst teachables in the game).


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