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Stun killer perk?

Always wondered why there is no such survivor perk that has an effect on pallets.

For instance, stun a killer with a pallet, gain haste, or stun a killer with a pallet, gain something else.


  • CentrumCentrum Member Posts: 160

    Because stunning a Killer already buys a Survivor time to get away. It can also make a Killer drop a carried Survivor, allow you to blind the Killer, and just allow you to meep meep to the next pallet.

  • BlueSweaterBlueSweater Member Posts: 31

    Sure, but its is not risk free to go for a stun?

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 306

    Pallets technically already do their job and aid survivors like mentioned above.

    If there were such a perk it would have to be a 1 time shot like DS. It would be too OP otherwise.

    Maybe the perk could be something like: After successfully stunning the killer with a pallet gain haste for 3 seconds?

    Or after successfully stunning the killer with a pallet be cured of exhaustion status. So sprint burst can be reactivated, or dead hard, etc, as a bonus to the survivor.

    Could also use it to buff Spirit Furry a tad and say if the survivor stuns and killer but spirit furry proctors then that pallet perk is now void.

    A fun idea OP.

  • BlueSweaterBlueSweater Member Posts: 31

    I just wanna make clear that Im aware that pallets work as intended and can be kind of OP if in the hands of the right survivor, it just seems sometimes that the devs run out of perk ideas and then i thought that this aspect of the game could somehow be dived further into :-)

    Stunning the killer could also provide some kind of aura reading for the survivor and or for his friends. I dont know, just lots of different ideas. Interested in reading yours!

  • PGJSFPGJSF Member Posts: 180

    Pallets are already good and they don’t need a passive buff by some perk, but what could be nice is an exhaustion perk that involves them. Like sprint 150% speed 3 secs after pallet stun. So a survivor should still choose that over SB, DH, BL... That is something I could live with.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    It would be way to OP if you got something every time you stunned a Killer. Stunning a Killer already lets you get away (If you arn't stupid and sit there a t-bag like you are the best player EVAR) and blocks the Killer so that they have to break or go around. Maybe something if it had Exhaustion or something, cause there would HAVE TO BE some kind of drawback.

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