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Malicious Emblem Bugged?

Map: Hawkins

Killer: Spirit

Perks: Ruin, BBQ, Sloppy Butcher, Corrupt Intervention

Add-Ons: Katana Tsuba, Wakizashi Saya

It was completely normal gameplay except for one disconnect. The -20 on the heals was because I decided to let them heal after the Bill(He had a pink insta-heal) disconnected after I hit him when he was 1 hook away from death. I let the last survivor get hatch as well.

What confuses me is the -3 on the grasp escapes. None of the survivors wiggled off my shoulder at any point during the match. Can anyone clarify as to what's going on with the emblem and whether or not this is a bug? I've had this happen before while playing a Ghostface match as well.

Before anyone says "You're bullying low ranks!", I use Corrupt on top of Ruin to avoid getting gen rushed. I've been getting a lot of high level SWF's that can easily counter Spirit and know how to play very well against her. This is also my first time playing on Hawkins as well.

~See you all in the fog <3


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