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danaradanara Member Posts: 129
edited October 2019 in General Discussions

please let us know that you will at least be working to improve the servers with this next patch, with the extended delay it is the least we deserve.

the game for me personally is becoming borderline unplayable because i am constantly lagging in every single game i am in (i am on PS4), any chase i get into i can barely loop because i’ll get a lag spike and end up where i was a second ago.

and this is supposedly with dedicated servers NOT on consoles yet; so why is it that the servers are much more seemingly so much more worse on console than they were a patch or two ago if the host is still P2P?

  • lag in almost every single game
  • disconnects almost every other game and still the same lobby error bug
  • hair baldness bug that they claimed to fix a patch ago is also back

at least let us know something, at this rate i’m thinking of buying a PC and playing LoL again, because i can’t even play the game i love so much without enjoying it because of all the bugs and wait times.


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