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Make Killers Scary Again

PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104
   Dead by Daylight is listed as a horror game on the Steam Store. However, few people get scared of killers after their first twenty hours or so. So let's fix this. Got any scary builds?

   My current spook build is what I like to call Doctor Rage. The Add-ons are Carter's Notes Calm and Class Two Calm. The perks are Monitor and Abuse, Unnerving Presense, Overwhelming Presense, and Coulrophobia, I offer Broken Glasses, A Jigsaw Piece, or a Murky Reagent if I can. 

   I start the match in treatment mode with a whopping twelve metre terror radius. Then I search the level in treatment mode, once I find a survivor I switch to treatment mode and hit them with madness and three debuffs while also having an enormous terror radius. Use the change to scare them out of their minds.


  • DeathSparkDeathSpark Member Posts: 41
    edited July 2018

    -New Trapper:Devour Hope,Make your choice,Nurses Calling,Overcharge.
    as add-ons take the iredescent stone and the purple bag.use all your traps at pallets and do a 4 gen strat, as you hook someone leave so u can get both perks working,this scares most of the players because most of pallets /vault windows are bear trapped and if they wanna do a gen you just overcharge it. Most ppl usually dont see devoure hope until you mori them, and if they take it before that usually remain 2 guys and 1 disconnects just so the other takes the hatch.P.S:(you can hide the fact that you have Devoure hope by sending someone to a bear trap,do it twice and you have a free mori)

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    The only scary killer is jumpscare myers against a non-SWF or a good nurse scaring you with her actual power.

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