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Due to latency issues in the PTB, we have decided to postpone the server hit validation test until after the update releases on the live version of the game. We will let you know when the test will take place as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

Simple Bad Survivor Perk Buffs

Many perks need to be buffed, and many of them can be in very simple ways. Survivor perks should be around botany power level or higher. That is to say: useful, but not game-warpingly powerful. If it is game-warpingly powerful, it needs to be a counter to certain "less admirable" strategies such as camping and tunelling. Here's a list of survivor perk buffs I would make that I compiled with a friend. (This doesn't include all bad survivor perks, as some of them we were quite conflicted on.)



No One Left Behind: Gain 50/75/100% bonus bloodpoints for actions I'm the Altruism category. Gain a token for each completed heal, safe unhook, or protection hit (up to 4 tokens). Each token increases the speed of altruistic actions by 4%. [While increasing altruistic action speed end-game is a cool idea, we felt that having it increase in power the longer the game goes makes it more flexible and useful. And who doesn't love bloodpoints? This also promotes survivors to not sit on gens, as they would be getting points from healing, so this is indirectly good for killers as well.]

This Is Not Happening: Great Skill Checks are 10/20/30% bigger when injured, exposed, or in the killer's terror-radius. [Having to be injured is cool, but it's too niche. Including the exposed effect and in terror radius as alternative conditions also fits the feel the perk is going for (Which is working on gens while panicked, and in a dangerous situation)]

No Mither: Grunts are reduced by 50/75/100% while injured. You do not spawn pools of blood while injured. Grants the ability to fully recover from the dying state. Upon becomimg injured, you gain the broken status effect. The status effect is hidden from the killer. You gain 50/75/100% bonus points in the survival category. [I think this is honestly a no brainer. Starting in the injured state and showing the broken effect is too much of a give away to make it viable, and if this is supposed to be a hardmode perk, it absolutely needs to have extra bloodpoint gain of some kind as a reward.]

Deja Vu: All generator auras are shown for 40/50/60 seconds at the start of the trial and after a gen is completed. Generators that are being worked on while Deja Vu is active become highlighted in white. [This makes it like a reverse Better Together, and promotes objective completion, while not directly increasing the speed of repairs.]

Up the Ante: For every injured, downed, hooked, or dead survivor, gain 2/3/4% increased healing, sabotaging, and gate opening speed for all remaining survivors. [This is the counterplay to Thanatophobia that we feel is needed in the game, while not making Thanatophobia useless.]

Open-Handed: Increases range of aura reading for all survivors by 10/20/30 meters. Auras last 5 seconds longer.

Saboteur: Sabotage hooks at 25/50/75% speed without a toolbox. Hooks stay sabotaged for 30 more seconds. 20% increased effeciency at sabotaging with a toolbox.

Buckle-Up: Recovery progress of dying survivors can be determined by the intensity of their auras up to 128 meters. When put in the dying state, all other survivors can see your recovery progress by the intensity of your aura. After healing someone from the dying state or being healed from the dying state, all survivors who participated in the action (including the downed survivor) see the killer's aura for 4 seconds.

Flip-Flop: While in the dying state, 100% of your recovery progress is converted to wiggle progress. This perk deactivates upon stunning the killer by wiggling-off. [Currently, it's an anti-slug perk; however, it's too weak. Making it a much stronger, but 1-time use perk makes it feel more powerful and fun, while still being niche.]

Mettle of Man: Requires 2 Protection hits instead of 3, and no longer has a downside of the killer seeing your aura. [Let me be the MoM of my team ;)]

Hope: When a gen is completed, gain a 2/3/4% haste effect for 10 seconds. When exit gates are powered gain a permanent 4/5/6% haste effect. Stacks with other haste effects. [Don't like NoED but are too lazy to do totems (or playing solo)? Well have we got a perk for you! With this haste effect, you shouldn't be getting hit at all!]

Wake Up: Every 30 seconds the perk will activate, cleansing you of Hemorrhage, Blindness, Mangled, Hindered, Cursed (Cursed = Hex perks. This doesn't affect ruin, as that is reapplied upon every skill check.), and wakes you up. You are immune for 1 second to these affects after being cleansed. [We decided that it would be better to just scrap its old effect as the gate opening speed would either do nothing, or feel bad to play against. We preferred to give it the flavor of waking up from microsleeps like in the movies (those microsleeps being translated into certain status effects).

Vigil: You and all allies within 8 meters recover from the exhaustion and exposed status effects 100% faster. Effect persists for 15 seconds upon exiting the range.

Calm Spirit: You overcome the urge to scream. You do not scare crows. Your breathing and footsteps are 50/75/100% quieter.

Technician: Reduce gen repair noise by 10 meters. Upon failing a skill check, a second skill check appears. If you succeed in hitting the second skill check, the generator does not blow up. [This makes the perk less rng, and more about allowing survivors to get good at skill checks, rather than sometimes not being punished for missing one]

Autodidact: Now works with medkits. Starts at a -15% progress penalty instead of -25%. You have a 15% increased chance of triggering a skillcheck while healing others. [(The description is too long for such small changes, and as such, I didn't write it out.) It shouldn't take 3 skill checks to then adfterwards get a benefit out of this perk. Healing is already time not spent on gens. The downside is too harsh to make the stacking worth it. Making the perk good also gives a better use to all the "increased skill check odds" add-ons for medkits.]

Pharmacy: You search chests 50/75/100% quieter and faster. Every chest searched yields an emergency med-kit. [I don't see why this perk only works once. If this is supposed to be an alternative to perks like self-care and botany knowledge, it needs to be more consistent. Making every chest be a green medkit allows you to always have a medkit at the ready, and because you need to search chests instead of doing gens, it is completely fair.]

Solidarity: Works with medkits. [This is probably the only change the perk needs. You could increase the conversion rate, but that might push it over the edge by shaving off too much time from healing.]

Poised: After a gen is completed, you leave no scratch marks for 6/8/10 seconds. If you completed the generator, you also gain a 2% haste effect for 6/8/10 seconds. Stacks with other haste effects.

Resilience: When injured, exposed, or in terror radius, increase action speed by 3/6/9%. [This honestly might make the perk too strong at red ranks, but the percentage might be too small, and promotes aggressive play rather than hiding.]

Comraderie: While on hook, push the active ability button to pause the hook timer for 20/25/30 seconds. The perk can only be used once.

Kindred: (Make current kindred base.) Upon reuniting with a survivor, see their aura up to 128 meters away for 15/30/45 seconds. The timer does not deplete until you are 16 meters away, and is refreshed upon reuniting once again. [Current Kindred should be added if they ever nerf survivors again, as solo survivors should be buffed to have the same info as SWFs if they wish to balance the game around SWFs. This new idea gives a fun mini-game of refreshing it by regrouping with fellow survivors and promotes cooperative play.]

Lightweight: Your scratch marks disappear 1/2/3 seconds faster and you slow vault 20% faster. [This cements the perk as something for stealthier survivors while adding another use.]

Breakdown: Upon unhooking yourself or another survivor, or being unhooked, the hook is immediately sabotaged.

Stakeout: Being in terror radius or looking at the killer gives you a token, up to 6/8/10. Upon hitting a good skill check, a token is consumed, and the good skill check becomes a great. [Stakeout is fun to use, but it doesn't have a high enough maximum, and is countered by stealth killers or being on a large map. Adding the "looking at the killer" option allows you to continue to use the perk, but requires more aggressive and dynamic positioning.]

Aftercare: Remove the downside from being hooked. [This would make it a viable alternative to Empathy and Bond, as it's more powerful, but you have to work for it.]

Better Together: Increase generator aura from 32 to 64 meters. [Currently lackluster, but increasing the range to be larger than a terror radius will actually give survivors information.]

Distortion: Increase stacks from 3 to 5. [It's an interesting niche, it just needs to work more often for it to be good.]

Fixated: Remove the uninjured condition. [It's Urban Evasion all over again].

Second Wind: Changed to require completing a heal action rather than getting the equivalent of a full heal. Now works with Deliverance. [Deliverance and Second Wind would be a fun combo but not broken at all, as it would require unhooking and completing a heal.]

Inner Strength + Small Game: Adds a totem counter next to your perks. [This either needs to be base, or be on every perk that interacts with totems now and in the future.]


  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 917

    I dont think I've seen a list of perk changes that I've disagreed with more.

    First point is no mither. The purpose of this perk is not to pick yourself up unless you're going sabo squad. The best use of this perk is having access to perks that only work while injured without having to escape the killer. Using dead hard to dodge a chainsaw that would've hit you for example. An even better example is against nurse. She gets a huge boost to her tracking ability, and a smaller fatigue. Replacing that with a missed swing + fatigue combined with no blood trails and less moaning (should be none) is great. Good nurses are good, but no mither is actually a beast at countering her. Making you start healthy removes all of this. Stop suggesting this change. It's oversatured. Other than that I agree with the other proposed changes.

    Up The Ante doesn't need a rework, the luck mechanic does. The fact that Uta doesn't effect chest searches for example. The luck mechanic as a whole needs to be updated, and then luck the Ante will be good without having to change its core.

    Open handed. Does the perk need a buff? Absolutely. Is 30 meters per Open. Handed balanced? Not really. Different aura reading perks have different power, that's why the range is so important. This would pretty much force them to put individual maximum range caps on each perk.

    Wake up: Not gonna be a negative nacy on this one, I LOVE this rework. But 30 seconds seems a little bit... Fast. Imagine sloppy butcher for example, it would just never make a difference. Not sure how I'd adjust it though.

    Calm spirit: I'd rather have them fix the perk decreasing the time you have on the hook by removing the animations. No footsteps is pretty broken. Especially if that's at all times. On its own maybe not. On a blendette with iron will? Yeah.

    Anyone who thinks Autodidact is a perk that's bad enough to warrant that buff hasn't played with it enough. This perk can crutch games. Not only does it completely negate killer perks to slow down healing, but only one survivor needs to run it for maximum efficiency. It's like we'll make it that never deactivates. I play with it a lot, and man is it a good perk. The only killer who can stop it is the Plague.

    Pharmacy. The reason is only works once is because I want to be able to find toolboxes and keys as well as medkits. The whole point of chests is their randomness. Once is enough. A different buff would be better.

    Stakeout is the same thing as Autodidact and aftercare (when I get to it) I honestly think the only reason you'd suggest a change like this is because you haven't played with it enough. Especially against ruin, gens go by fast with this perk. 10 tokens is ridiculous.

    Aftercare isn't hard to power up. Or repower up. At all. Without this downside it is easily the best choice for aura reading. Once again, this is a really strong perk. Running it with Autodidact is probably the best medic build imo.

    That's all. The other changes I either agree with or don't disagree enough with to make a comment. Good job though.

  • ItWasLitFamJFKItWasLitFamJFK Member Posts: 6

    No Mither: The purpose of No Mither is to handicap yourself. That's it. It You can't run any self-healing (self-care/inner strength/adrenaline). You can't be immersed without iron will. You are permanently down a perk slot and a health state, making dead hard a must and looping the killer even more dangerous. You can't even run anti-slugging perks because noone will slug a No Mither. on top of all of this, if the killer is running Thanatophobia, they get a permanent, free stack.

    No Mither does not counter nurse. You are allowing her to work half as hard as normal. The instant she lands a single blink, you get hooked.

    No Mither does not counter instadowns. They will just m1 you because you have given yourself the exposed effect for the whole game.

    Up The Ante: Even if luck affected chests, are you going to tell me you would run this over Plunderer's? If you run this with Plunderer's, you are down 2 perk slots in exchange for better chest rng. The name and perk description don't even fit each other. "Up The Ante" means to increase the stakes, typically in a difficult situation. Slightly increasing luck when all survivors are alive is not "Upping the Ante." The perk is entirely backwards imo.

    Open-Handed: Stacking Open-Handed would do nothing after 2, and that's 2 people running a perk that does nothing by itself. It doesn't break Bond, because that's 2 perks together just to track your teammates and nothing else. It would break old Kindred, but I changed Kindred. (And I forgot to mention that the killer aura would be removed when adding old Kindred to base survivors. That's honestly my bad.) Seeing as how the soft cap for aura reading is 128 meters, it probably won't matter if all 4 survivors run it (The longer auras are for the perk owner only by the way.)

    Wake-Up: I can agree that 30 seconds might be too short, but I believe 1 minute would be to long. 45 seconds could be a good middle ground, but this perk doesn't directly help you do anything.

    Calm Spirit: Yes, I could see this being broken. Maybe the footsteps aren't quieted when running?

    Autodidact: Everyone knows this perk is a meme. It's not good. Botany is just better. This perk can be clutch, but so can current Wake Up or Boil Over...

    Pharmacy: I use this we perk every game I don't have Plunderer's equipped. If I wanted a variety of items, I would go Plunderer's. I run Pharmacy when I want green medkits. I'd rather get multiple Emergency Med Kits than a single one, then 2 brown toolboxes.

    Stakeout: You seem to be under the assumption that if someone doesn't agree with you, they must be new. You're wrong. I love Stake Out and will be the first person to tell you it's underrated af. That doesn't mean it's super good, or even viable. The fact that killers with a small radius/are stealthy and big maps just completely counter the perk, holds it back. If it wasn't completely useless in multiple situations, it could be a viable doctor counter perk. The high max stack is because you aren't going to get that high unless you are doing nothing but sitting near the killer. The perk also can't really be broken when someone hitting all greats does the same thing.

    Aftercare: Yes, it should be the best aura reading perk once it gets built up. That's how games usually work. Perks that are high risk (Ruin), or that you need to put effort into (Aftercare) are typically going to be stronger than their more consistent counterparts. (Corrupt Intervention, Bond)

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 450

    Not sure if you're trying to make them just viable or where they all can be better than current meta perks.

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318
    edited October 2019

    OP, this list started off nice, but became worse and worse as it went on. Some perks just became broken, unnecessary or easy to abuse at high ranks.

    Deja Vu as it is now is meant to stop 3 gen checkmates. The buffed version would be better, yes, but it won't be as easy to tell which gens are closest.

    Up The Ante is absolutely unnecessary, the luck mechanic needs to be reworked and buffed instead. This sounds way too broken. Also, no counterplay to Thano is needed. lmao It's a weak perk as it is unless you can apply injured to everyone easily (Legion, Plague) Red ranks will also definitely abuse this.

    Open-Handed is nice, but lower the tier 3 maximum to 20. Two people running this would make it a bit too strong.

    Be careful with Saboteur. I'm sure people here still remain the nightmare that was the sabo meta...

    I also don't really care about Survivor "fun" when it comes to Flip-Flop. Gens pop way too quickly as it is now and Survivors have it far easier. Might not be necessary.

    Mettle of Man just needs the Protection scoring system reworked altogether and a EXACT number on how long your aura is revealed for. It's fine as it stands currently.

    Hope is absolutely unacceptable. Just run Small Game (or buff it, as you said) if you want to prevent NOED. Not only that, but when Hope inevitably becomes overpowered and meta, Killers will ALWAYS run NOED to counter the speed boost that Survivors get. Chases would take way too long once all gens pop and Killers would have no chance to even secure a kill.

    Wake Up... hard no over here. That sounds extremely annoying. Just buff Wake Up as it is.

    Vigil: I saw a buff idea for this on Reddit, and I honestly agreed with it. Instead of what you're saying, have Vigil let you recover from ALL effects that have a timer. And if something like NOED is active... Vigil count instead negate Exposed if the perk user stands close to the Exposed survivor when they get hit. I don't know if Vigil should shield the user instead, maybe it should, but that might make it too extreme.

    Calm Spirit... just fix the second hook bug instead.

    Technician, no. Perks like Overcharge would be even worker and Ruin would be countered harder.

    Autodidact: Just add a extra Skill Check chance. Don't add those other changes, it makes it too good.

    Pharmacy... what if I wanted to search chests faster and get things OTHER than a green kit? Most people typically need only one kit per game, there is no need for others.

    Poised... I would rather the scratch mark timer just be increased instead. But that could be fine.

    Resilience is unacceptable as well. Gen speed also doesn't need to go any faster, it's too fast as it is.


    Aftercare... This sounds too strong as well.

    The reason why Distortion has only 3 tokens instead of 5 is so it doesn't completely counter Barbeque. This was actually a concern on the PTB when the Legion/Jeff was still being tested.

    Fixated would allow people to move extremely quickly... I don't know. This might make it too easy for Survivors to escape detection. However, stealth options for Survivors need buffs...

    Anything I have not addressed should be fine...

    Hopefully Killer perks could be reworked as well, @ItWasLitFamJFK?

  • AthaemeAthaeme Member Posts: 12

    About this part "No Mither: Grunts are reduced by 50/75/100% while injured. You do not spawn pools of blood while injured. Grants the ability to fully recover from the dying state. Upon becomimg injured, you gain the broken status effect. The status effect is hidden from the killer. You gain 50/75/100% bonus points in the survival category. [I think this is honestly a no brainer. Starting in the injured state and showing the broken effect is too much of a give away to make it viable, and if this is supposed to be a hardmode perk, it absolutely needs to have extra bloodpoint gain of some kind as a reward.]"

    Any way I feel like No Mither should give you 100% more bp and 600% in the survival category, before you go dafaq no, think about Myers and hags add-ons, maybe just maybe give No Mither a permanent speed boost of like 3%, or get interesting and give it 15% faster vault speed, always, IDK it's and interesting perk and yes I do think is should be hidden (broken that is) as well as 100% iron will

  • ItWasLitFamJFKItWasLitFamJFK Member Posts: 6

    Deja Vu: Just use your eyes and you will know which gens are closest..

    Up The Ante: No. Luck is worthless. Making it apply to chests won't make it good, and as I said to someone else what the perk does and it's name don't match. You aren't "upping the ante" when the match starts.

    Open-Handed: I fail to see how stacking open-handed makes it too good. Bond, Windows of Opportunity, and Plunderer's won't become broken when you increase their range at the cost of a perk.

    Flip-Flop: "Survivors aren't allowed to have fun in my games."

    Hope: You want to know what hope does right now? Gives a 5% haste effect for 120 seconds. I buffed it to 6%. Noone runs hope at 5%, but you think a 1% difference (with the mid-game slight speed boost) will make it a meta breaker?

    Wake Up: You find my idea to be unfun, but gates being opened near instantly (which wake up would have to do to be useful) fun?

    Technician: How would this counter ruin? Getting a good on ruin /= failing.

    Pharmacy: If you want a variety of items from your chests, there is already a perk for that: Plunderer's. Pharmacy should be specifically medkits, and being able to hand out medicine to others (which is what the perk description implies) requires that it guarantees multiple medkits.

    Distortion: If Stridor can counter Iron Will, I don't see why Distortion can't counter BBQ.

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