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99-ing Exit Gates



  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 356

    yeah Im not bashing on no one either honestly I just find him bad at killer !

    with utmost respect to him as a person

  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 356

    I think your comment is HONESTLY the most true and realistic comments I've read in a while

    thumbs up to you

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,922


    I agree with you.

    You bring that perk, you better have a plan of how you’re going to use it. I see many killers in Red Ranks slugging and immediately I know why.

    Like you said you can’t fool a seasoned survivor who has seen many of those perks.

  • S_PandaS_Panda Member Posts: 539

    Honestly I wish I could be as "mediocre" as him. He runs meme builds for fun and converses with his viewers constantly while playing compared to 'silence till game nearly over'. Imagine if he focuses on his games constantly while playing and used more metaish builds.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    @S_Panda yeah seemed pretty good, was engaging with his community, I don't think anyone is against him.. it's just the 99'ing the gate is a counter for a perk. It is what it is.

    I play matches as killer where I hate when survivors countered me on certain perks or actions.. but I'll play matches as survivor and do the same things.

    No biggie.

    I think the OP just wants to see a change on how survivors open exit gates, but IMO i think they are good where they are.

    IMO to OP, you should just state your opinion, offer your change or feedback on something yourself. Your idea, opinion and/or feedback is the discussion. Usually when you bring streamer content in with your discussion to maybe bolster your feedback, that can lead to people disrespecting that streamer.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,745

    I said it in the other thread.

    The point of the end game collapse is meant to be to force survivors out once the game's over, and make eleventh hour saves more down to the wire.

    I find it wrong, therefore, that survivors are allowed to abuse the trigger for the collapse by essentially having the gates open without starting the timer. It allows them to secure everyone, heal up, and screw around just as much as before.

    The killer can open the gate themselves, but this is basically a forfeit, as it requires giving up anything you could secure late game to walk across half the map and open a gate. Meanwhile everyone gets saved and walks out the other 99ed gate.

  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 356

    yeah imagining doesnt really help.. we gotta see. I watch zubat play killer.. there I see a true killer gameplay I dont need to imagine how he would do if he did this or that :)

  • S_PandaS_Panda Member Posts: 539

    oh yeah for sure. I just learn a lot more from his teaching as he plays

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,843

    As a killer, you have the option to open a gate to start the EGC.

  • ForgiveMyEngrishForgiveMyEngrish Member Posts: 23

    You can 99% everything else.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Who is Otzdarva and why is his opinion important?

  • GravnosGravnos Member Posts: 101

    Otz is, in my opinion, not only the best killer, but honestly the best thing to happen to the Dead By Daylight community.

    He constantly tries new builds and does his best to avoid the 'meta builds' and try viable things. I couldn't care less when he goes a game without getting a kill because he's trying to find things beyond the top 6 perks every single person runs over and over again.

    He's also just a wholesome dude and our community could really use more of that. We treat each other terribly.

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,254

    He should also ask why people play killer, or even dbd. He's dumb if he thinks survivors are weaker than killers, cuz survs are still the power role.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Yes, you'd like to think that, wouldn't you? Killers are the power role.

    Killers who feel they have no power, are just either not good at the game or are playing their victim complex.

  • MechanicalWolfMechanicalWolf Member Posts: 44
    edited October 2019

    Killers can just counter by opening the gate. I think it should start when a survivor touches a gate (Not when the gens are finished, because that would just be to hard to survive)

  • toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 318

    you sound jealous lmao

    thinking otz is bad. what a time to be alive.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,099

    Mediocre doesn't really mean bad. From what I've seen of the guy, I wouldn't be placing him in my top killers of dbd any time soon. I'm not trying to insulting the guy, I just don't value the opinion.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,099

    I've seen his Youtube videos. Which I would assume be his better games.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,827

    You said right, it's to force survivors out once the game is over. Not to help the killer apply pressure when he couldn't alone.

    If you need of the EGC to do something you already lost. Pretending 99ing gates is an abuse (despite there being a direct counter mechanic) and wanting to remove it is imo wanting to be spoon-fed.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    99ing an exit gate is totally fine. I got killed several times because my random teammates 99ed the gate and weren't there to open it when I got chased and would have needed an open gate to escape.

  • TwistrBlitzTwistrBlitz Member Posts: 91
    edited October 2019

    A skilled SWF team will beat an equally skilled Killer 100% of the time. The Killer has to be substantially better.

    I play both sides and can admit this.

    It’s no small task to outsmart 4 people who are all talking to each other.

  • TwistrBlitzTwistrBlitz Member Posts: 91

    I think 99%ing exit gates is fair.

    But I also thought the End game collapse was a bad change.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Wow... the salt and such in this thread. Survivors yelling at Killers and accusing them of wanting to nerf everything they do. The Killers yelling at the survivors for "Abusing" the in game mechanics.

    Nothing constructive can come outta this kinda talking. About the only ones I see talking sense are

    A few of you should really hang up your biases, on both sides.

  • StardustSpeedwayStardustSpeedway Member Posts: 587

    I will only 99 it if I see someone got downed and wait for them to be hooked. As soon as the person is hooked, I wait a couple of seconds to prevent blood warden and then open the gate. I play solo the majority of the time and I am not taking the risk of being chased and having to waste a second trying to open the gate if I'm being chased by the killer. Opening it alerts the person that's hooked which gate is open.

  • StevoStevo Member Posts: 121

    I mean, if the gate is at 99% you could just open it to force the survivors to make a play or get out, though that’s not the main problem with this imo. It completely screws any chance the last survivor has of escaping in the EGC when the hatch is closed. People usually leave the gate <25% as to not give away which gate they’re at until the right opportunity arises, though there are so many other factors that play into how the scenario plays out (door locations, the killer used, whispers being in play, the map etc). I’m not saying survivors should survive every time a 1v1 happens and the EGC has activated, there’s just too many other factors that can decide the scenario to justify this change being implemented universally from my perspective.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,823

    I can't believe this is even a discussion topic. There is nothing wrong or unfair about getting exit gates to 99% and waiting to open them when it is convenient. Just like there is nothing wrong with getting generators to 99% and popping them when convenient. Just like there is nothing wrong with getting hooks sabotaged to 99% and breaking them when convenient. Just like there is nothing wrong with The Shape getting Evil Within 2 to 99% and then gaining EW3 when a survivor is in striking range. Just like... well... I think I've made my point.

  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 356

    I guess we can't make that clear to comprehend easily for people who them themselves are mediocre so they dont know what a good killer is .

    they should watch zubat to see a real killer gameplay

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 2,194
    edited January 20

    If someone thinks one of the best killers in the game is medicore I suspect some serious ego problems. Don't get me wrong, you could very well be a much better and more skilled player, but that is like going to MLG and calling the team you beat mediocre at the game.

    But w/e I suspect it's meant to be derogatory or passive aggressive or to upset an Otz fan for some personal enjoyment, and you'll insist it's not rather than admit that; and then just get defensive and go after anyone who points any of that out to you.

    Edit: Haha read the thread I hit the nail on the head alright.

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