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Devs, don’t kill nurse

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
edited October 2019 in 3.3.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

The Nurse’s Add-on changes are OK, even though I still think bonus Bloodpoint add-ons with game-breaking downsides will never be used.

However, you are basically killing her if you make this change to her base-kit.

The distance Survivors make at the time you cannot blink is so big that you cannot catch up to them even after blinking twice.


2s x 6m/s (post-hit sprint) = 12 m

12m + 12m (normal movement speed) = 24m

5 seconds = 24 m


0 m/s (wipe off animation) x 2s

0.95m/s (fatigue/blink recharge time starts now) x 2s = 1.9m

3.85m/s (normal movement speed) x 1s = 3.85

5 seconds = 5.75 m

3 seconds after the beginning of the fatigue, the Nurse can blink once.

It will take approximately 1.5 seconds to fully charge a blink, so the Survivor will have made an additional 6 meters distance.

As the maximum blink range is 20 meters and the Survivor will be 30 meters away from the Nurse, she won’t catch up to the Survivor even after blinking (The chain blink will not be available yet). This will theorically last forever if you aren’t using any Add-ons.

Also, the Survivor will be able to see where the Nurse will blink before she is even there, which is a 100% guaranteed Dead Hard dodge.

Devs, please. You’re just killing the Nurse and taking her power away.

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  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    edited October 2019
  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    edited October 2019

    Also think so. I think her base kit isn’t as OP as many people say. However, some of her add-ons were broken.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    edited October 2019

    But the game is killersided and genrush is OK, they say.

    I also think there are some really unnecessary nerfs for Survivors, but they aren’t as impactful as nerfing one of the viable killers that hard, especially at high ranks.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    edited October 2019

    Also think the med-kit update wasn't done the right way: insta-heals weren't a major problem, as not every survivor uses them and they deplete the Med-kit upon use. Only the very rare insta-heal should be updated IMO, the ultra rare one should stay the way it is.

    What should be balanced are infinites, hitboxes, broken killer add-ons etc.

    Most balance changes on this update should be done more or less differently.

    The Nurse's bloodpoint add-ons with game breaking downsides will never be used by anyone IMO.

    Her Ultra Rares are also kinda bad.

    Torn Bookmark: Not being able to blink though walls in exchange for an extra blink isn't worth it, as there isn't that much of mindgame if you can't blink through walls.

    Matchbox: Losing a blink in exchange for becoming a 105% killer isn't also worth it, as you close distance much faster with your blink rather than walking all the way there.

    EDIT: The major problem with the blink recharge time is that the second blink stops recharging once you channel the first one.

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  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    I believe that such changes are quite appropriate, since the player who spent a lot of time studying the nurse’s game doesn’t leave any chance of surviving at all. Survivors should have a chance to escape, but in fact it is not.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    For those who play as a former nurse, are you really so interested in this? In two minutes, kill the whole team, aren't you bored? Do you really want excitement? Or is it just a way to show your superiority, even in the game?

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    For those who don't play Nurse and Spirit, they only get looped and genrushed over and over by SWFs at Rank 1. Base-kit Nurse is counterable the way she is, the problem is her broken Add-ons. Rank 1 Survivors won't get down in less than 30 seconds.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    For an experienced nurse, a 3 second delay, this is not so much, I think she will not notice this. But the survivors will have a counter game

  • UxoricideUxoricide Member Posts: 219

    What are you basing this off of @Master_Bad_Guy ?

    We're experienced nurse players who are acknowledging that the add ons can be nerfed away but that basekit should remain the same as there's nothing wrong with it. Skilled survivors can escape a basekit nurse without the add-ons...

    What you're gonna end up due to this potential nerf is camping nurses instead or only facing spirits...

  • empathempath Member Posts: 35

    dont nerf the base kit, only unbalanced add ons

  • GoatyTCOGoatyTCO Member Posts: 63

    For one, I have played new Nurse and the only issues that I have are the bugs with some add-ons.

    I personally play Nurse and I think that these changes were needed, she's leaning further towards where she needs to be, the devs made the right move here. 3 seconds is not a lot if you are a good Nurse, you can make up that distance with another blink, also half of the 3 seconds is gone within your fatigue so.. ye.

    Btw, to people complaining about the sound effects, I believe these are placeholders during the PTB.

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 108

    it is clear how the devs are in favor of the surv.

    If they implement these changes, the nurse will be boring.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    You're right it's so much more fun having the game end in 3 minutes after all gens are done and they tbag at gate every game.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,980
    edited October 2019

    But let me get this right, the only change they made to her is adding the recharge time to her blinks. So in a chase, after blinking twice, she has to wait 3.5 seconds after fatigue before she can double blink again. That is the only change they made.

    In these 3.5 seconds, survivors move at 4 M/S. Nurse moves at 3.85 M/S. That means in one seconds, survivors can gain a distance of 0.15 meters to Nurse when she is simply following you with her base movement speed. 3.5 x 0.15 = 0.525. So survivors can now gain an additional distance of 0.525 meters to the new Nurse compared to the old Nurse.

    As far as I know survivors were never able to simply outrun Nurse before the nerf, so I can't imagine these 0.525 meters extra dinstance making any difference in that regard.

    The cooldown does allow survivors to break LOS. A longer fatigue would probably allow survivors to gain more distance than they do now with Nurse having a recharge to her blinks, since that's when she moves very slow. The difference between longer fatigue and a recharge to her blinks is that a longer fatigue gives survivors more chances to completely lose Nurse, and make her guess in which direction you ran. With the longer recharge time, survivors have a longer time window in which they can break LOS, but Nurse still has a general idea on where survivors are running to.

    Also, if a killer is viable at rank 1 without any addons, wouldn't that mean that equipping addons to that killers makes them op? And yet, I still feel like Nurse will be good even without any addons.

  • UxoricideUxoricide Member Posts: 219

    @ad19970 Have you calculated how long the fatigue time is adding potential missed swings on top of this?

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    We need add-ons like Myers. It doesn't buff the crap out of him, but it changes the gameplay so much that makes him most fun killer to face and use as

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    TBH I've already stopped playing. I don't want to get anymore attached to the game and Nurse if they go through and dunk her.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    Change was necessary because the nurse was winning too easily. Is anyone else interested in remaining, finish the game in 1 minute. Or is it just to feel omnipotent?

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    At this point you are more looking at the ground and walking than actually using your m2. Super boring killer and not strong enough anymore against the sweatiest SWF groups

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    If the game gets finished 1 minute it's 100% the fault of the whole team!!! Even if the nurse is using 5 blinks or omegablink addons, a strong (swf) group will NOT get destroyed in under 1 minute. Not even 2. The only reason why a nurse can destroy a team in under 5 minutes is because she is one of the killers who can punish mistakes very fast and that the team actually made major mistakes allowing this situation. Simple. Stop with this nonsense.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    That is, according to your logic, people should not play solo, otherwise the nurse will suddenly come in and she will immediately “punish for mistakes”. I still think that there are not only team players, but also people who want to play for their own pleasure, which means that there can be mistakes, and there should be no “punisher for mistakes”

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    Or maybe you just learn to play the new nurse, since you are such a cool player? Or maybe rename the game from Dead by Daylight- to Dead from a nurse, because some nurses in the game

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Nope the change was unnecessary because matches against basekit nurse were the best ones ever. She puts on just the right amount of pressure, not too easy and not too difficult, mindgames actually had meaning.

    People like you who complain there was no counterplay to basekit nurse are outright bad survivors. You also seem to forget that people see her reappearance way sooner which makes it a whole lot easier to play against her.

    To lose against basekit nurse meant that the nurse played better than you nothing more and nothing less. Oh and before you go on about some "omnipotent" strawman, excuse me for actually wanting good games as survivor.

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