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All game modes locked

I just bought DBD (ps4) last night let it install and played the tutorials and read all the manuals, but all the game modes are still locked and it won’t let me play or do anything than access the settings and tutorials. Anyone got a fix for this?


  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 32

    This is often caused by pending updates not being fully installed.

    Reboot your console and check for any game updates. Let them download and be 100% fully installed before restarting your console once more, then launch the game again.

    If it doesn't work, come back to me with your PSN and a screenshot of your Cloud ID (you'll be able to find this by going into the game's "settings" menu) and I'll forward it on to QA for you

  • GlassComet99GlassComet99 Member Posts: 58
    Hi, I have the same exact issue. Checking for game updates didn't work for me, and my PS Plus subscription is active. My PSN name is GlassComet99 and my player ID is 904a2922-4d1c-4d00-859a-1231463b381c.
  • aeeeaeee Member Posts: 2
    Same issue for me. Fully updated but the game modes are still locked
  • Vampykitty9249Vampykitty9249 Member Posts: 1
    My PSN is Nerdyvamp and i'm having the same problem. Everything is fully downloaded.
  • AyyylienAyyylien Member Posts: 1
    I’m having the same problem. Username Pretty Devilish. Cloud ID 40c029c3-682b-4b63-8ce6-8433050fbc64.
  • cooperjcoopscooperjcoops Member Posts: 1
    Same problem for me just downloaded free from ps plus! My cloud id- 9fa4cc87-376d-8d1e-1985b43f3a64 . Cooperjcoops.
  • aeeeaeee Member Posts: 2
    Oh the modes are unlocked for me. I haven't done anything other than post here. And it's been two days since i've downloaded. Maybe it activates after a certain time period
  • Pissedoffguy123Pissedoffguy123 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I made an account just to ask one simple question. I downloaded the game, did the tutorials 3 times. And everythings still locked. What the hell man. What do I do ?? Please fix this bug!!!!!
  • mimwhattmimwhatt Member Posts: 0
    Same, my player cloud id is 29bc5414-1b81-46ed-bdde-b58977e231a4 if anyone can help me
  • ColonelRegalColonelRegal Member Posts: 1

    i too

  • hitman50441hitman50441 Member Posts: 1
    Same problem for me please help. Username Hitman50441 and cloud ID is cca83a40-473c-4c77-8c3b-4894f3f54eb6
  • Hixy_boyHixy_boy Member Posts: 1
    I’m having the same problem. My username is Zombee_Killa_002 and my cloud ID is 5cfb5f48-a7d6-44d1-8575-00f9d441b3c2
  • JosiahJosiah Member Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problem. My PSN is Secrett_TURKS. I just recently re-downloaded the game and nothing works. My Payer Cloud ID is 51b3ef5-543c-44f0-b785-34364d2fea2b

  • PhenomenaLPhenomenaL Member Posts: 1
  • Valmora_49Valmora_49 Member Posts: 2

    We are having the same issue after rebooted the console. Please help!

  • Valmora_49Valmora_49 Member Posts: 2
    edited August 11

    ours Just got fixed!

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