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A Visible Counter For Totems?

I'm curious if their was a display counter (Like for the Generator's) for any Dull Totems remaing for both survivors and killers, would this positively or negativity affect the game in some way?


  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,907

    It would affect the game positively, especially for solos.

    Doesn't need to be a totem counter at all, just play a sound when all totems are cleansed (like the sound when you cleanse a hex totem).

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,275

    Devs claimed awhile back that they were looking into it. But knowing them, it'll be years before anything like it is implemented.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,719

    They talked about doing this a while back.

    However they couldn't decide how to implement it.

    Should it work like thrill of the hunt and be attached to a perk or should it be baseline

    Also the community is pretty divided about it as well.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,507

    nO bEcAusE nOed Is fIne ThE wAy It Is

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,719

    Sounds pretty fair gives the information but if you're not running the perk it requires you to pay attention.

    Really nice suggestion

  • lynelmanelynelmane Member Posts: 548

    I saw people saying in a previous discussion about this, that if there was a totem counter then it would make survivors not waste time looking for totems and would make the killer's job harder.

    IMO the game doesn't really need it. Nobody uses NOED in high ranks and if there is a hex you usually know that it exists.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,046

    I think the global sound suggested by @Dehitay is a great idea and attaching the counter to a perk, perhaps Small Game would be a good choice for that.

  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 919

    This is something that would help bridge the gap between solos and SWF so it should definitely be added.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,373

    I've never really understood the killer sides opposition to this. Especially if it made a global sound. Hell I'd say have a global sound for survivors and a counter as well as sound for killers. Then you know if your Noed will proc or not.

  • Viracocha72Viracocha72 Member Posts: 207

    I think it would be a good idea if they also removed the Flames from hex totems and rewarded more emblems and bloodpoints to survivors for cleansing them.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,145

    I'd say definitely a totem counter on Small Game and (maybe? probably?) add a global sound for destroying dulls. Then, all solos potentially have the information and Small Game makes it a no-brainer, which requires using a perk slot rather than giving it for free.

  • It would be a big buff to survivors and a nerf for killers. In other words BHVR will implement it shortly.

  • StupidPalletsStupidPallets Member Posts: 395

    Just the suggestion makes me spiritually nauseated.

  • Viracocha72Viracocha72 Member Posts: 207

    I made a thread suggesting they remove Flames from hex totems and the general consensus is it's a bad idea, here in this thread everybody seems to think this is a good idea. This tells me there are a lot more survivors on these forums than killers. Or maybe that's the whole game in general.

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,260
    edited October 2019

    Like some others are saying, add to Small Game.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,946

    As said, at least add it to Small Game.

    That way you can at least know if that last totem you can't seem to find was broken by someone else or if it's still hiding somewhere on the map. When someone's using a perk for it I see no issue with it whatsoever.

  • Heavy negative for killers all survivors know there is x totems left. It would also tell how many hex running, 5 dull totems no hex/noed, 4 or 3 totems killer has ruin/devour.

    Positive for survivors cause they no longer have to worry if a full totem becomes active.

    IMO totem counter should not exist.

  • cricketscornercricketscorner Member Posts: 562

    Yeah, it could probably safely be added to small game but I don't think there should be a global counter or anything like that.

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35

    I would use more time looking for totems. I I had a way to tell, if there still was one alive.

    Not telling how many is left or active. Just that there is one or more totem(s) not destroyed.

    Just a little icon next to the generator counter.

    I think this will give killer, a little more time hunting.

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