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Simply personal balance ideas and suggestions for devs

Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 328
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Hi, my compliments to devs for the continue support for the game, nice job! Hope dbd will be played from people for all the next gen at least! Waiting for servers and hoping for cross play and graphic imrove for next gen! Here my simple ideas (a lot predictable and aslo requested for community I imagine) and sorry for my bad english):

-remove the hatch and starting the end game when the last survivor is vs killer, no matter how many gens remains

-remove all the mori, but not the green one (change it to ultra rare)

-chainsaw killers do borrowed effect instead of 1 shot (ultra rare add on for 1 shot, buff basic leatherface)

-clown with no active charge for bottle, but something like new nurse charge blinks, a countdown

-change to scratch marks (something like remove to spirit when in her power, and add to legion when in frenzy) and oblivious state for spirit and legion (like oblivious add on for spirit instead of no emitting sound add on for her, oblivious for legion to be undetactable like an infiltrate survivor idea)

-oblivious add on for doc and hag, viewfinder add on for huntress

-borrowed effect for tier 2 mayers and buff to pig traps (like cant mend with it for example) and hunter traps (hurts you without add on)

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  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35

    1- Terrible idea. Survivors have a small to none chance to leave through doors at endgame.

    2- I'm not into removing it. Just add 1 to the counter. So survivors need 2 hooks. before it can be applied.

    3- See I got a chainsaw. Without a chain. nah. Instead remove addons, that makes the chainsaw charge faster.

    4- That will give the clown too much power. But remove the one shot hit bottle.

    5- Agreed with Spirit needing a buff.

    But Legion does not. Hit the first survivor, and you get notified of survivors int the surroundings.

    6- I do not get it. But none off those three is in need of buff.

    7- Again, no buff needed to Shape or Pig. That will be overpowered and wierd.

    But Trappers trap should do damage.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 328

    Sorry chicken , I respect your thoughts but not agree. Hatch sistem is based on fortune and boring. Spirit need nerf, hillbilly nerf will be ok, the other killer I metioned need buff or at least little buffs will be ok. Keys and mori need to be revisited or removed i think. (Borrowed effect maybe will be nice on traps killers for the traps...is only another idea for discussion)

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