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Sensitivity on Console Should be Able to be Set Higher

One of my biggest gripes with this game since I first got it was the fact the max sensitivity is still very slow. Especially when we have killers like nurse and huntress who rely on fast flicks to be most effective. Even on the survivor side fast sensitivity can be useful in performing 360's.

Also with cross play becoming more and more of a possibility we will need higher sensitivity to be on the same level as pc players.

It just seems like a simple change that would be very useful for people want it and wouldn't effect people who wouldn't use it.


  • KrazyKat1011123KrazyKat1011123 Member Posts: 162

    yes plz

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,486

    This has something to do with the health of the game, I don't see why this should not happen... I'm a console pleb so I am in full support for this as well..

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