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What Killer do think is the weakest?



  • SamuraiDragon27SamuraiDragon27 Member Posts: 92

    I think that clown is a really good killer. Sure his starting perks are trash other than pop, but with enough skill, you can 4k pretty easily. Just throwing bottles at areas will usually make a survivor change direction, either guaranteeing a hit, or entirely negating a loop. doctor on the other hand, has a bit of complication to him. His add-ons do jack, and his power, other then preventing a vault, does mostly nothing in a chase. sure you could walk around in treatment and find survivors, but just putting a detection perk on clown, or even just lobbing bottles randomly will have the same effect. As for clown's add-ons, his can change the game entirely. I don't understand the hate on clown. I like him as he is

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
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    Clown or Legion.

    Clown because he sucks at everything other than chases.

    Legion because his power doesn't help secure downs.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,614

    Legion, Clown and Leatherface are the weakest.

  • Miss_BritanniaMiss_Britannia Member Posts: 164

    It all depends on if they cleanse or not to give her, her power.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313
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    Bottom 2



  • ThomasPumpkinixThomasPumpkinix Member Posts: 2

    Legion and Wraith probably, because the Legion is supposed to just run fast and thats not enough in this meta and Wraith, it takes so long to oncloak and hit survivor, he would need more lethality.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919
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    Clown is definitely down there.

  • LatoLato Member Posts: 4
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  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 336

    The Doctor is my man, and needs no buffs. He's perfect the way he is now. Ideally, every killer would be brought down/elevated to his viability. Shocking is a great way to pass the time in a chase, and with the right add-ons/perks it pays off down the line with finding someone you've hooked later or forcing them to waste equal time coming out of Tier 3 madness, and even once they do Tier 2 madness is still useful. Shocking as vault/pallet denial takes time and patience to learn, but that's what makes it perfect, as opposed to how Nurse was. Sure, you have to get a little lucky or play really well to get a 4K, but it's far from impossible and that's how it should be anyway. If you think shocking is a waste of time and a non-power, you don't understand when to shock and when to not.

    On another note, I don't know who is at the absolute worst, but it's insulting that so far more people think Wraith is worse than Trapper. Wraith's mobility alone puts him clearly above Trapper, add to that the fact that Wraith doesn't really spend much time looking for survivors, and there you go. Sure, Trapper can have some loop/pallet denial, but it costs him a lot of time, and you have to hope people aren't going to disarm your traps after you walk away.

    Trapper, Legion, Bubba, and Clown are definitely the bottom 4, with Pig probably next in line. Those 5 need to be brought up, while Hillbilly, Spirit, possibly Hag, and IMO Huntress (damn omnidirectional humming), need to be brought down. No clue about new Nurse yet.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,080
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  • KrilkalKrilkal Member Posts: 66

    Doctor... Fuse his 2 modes, take away the treatment mode slowdown and give him better base range on his shocks. Or let him charge his weapon or something. That would make him more viable.

  • sensualsatansensualsatan Member Posts: 92
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    Clown or Doctor

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 517

    Leatherface. He's just the Hillbilly, but worse in almost every way. No mobility, easily looped by good survivors, and his power does very little to set him apart from the Hillbilly.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948

    Actually Buba is one of the strongest of killers against me, I like to play hero so...

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