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Why is it so hard for players not to dc?

PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231
edited October 2019 in General Discussions

There are alternative ways instead of dc, as a killeer main u can just wait for them to do all the gens amd open the door for them while u get some bonuses of chasing so u don't leave empty handed

As a surv u can easily just keep doing gens and saving people and if u really wanna quit then once u get caught just die on the hook cuz u helped u team with gens and saved some people before u gave up on the hook

So why do people keep DCing and ruining the game? And blaming that (this game is broken and if they fix it then we won't dc) no it's cuz u just might not be as good as u think so u might need to learn some techniques or watch Monto, NoOb3, Ohm even if he doesn't main dbd he still wins his game, and my favorite Farmer John,

Watch there mindgames amd watch how they loop killers if you can't learn yourself,

I learned from NoOb3 and Farmer John to play as killers when I was really struggling with the purple ranks now I can make it to the red ranks

Stop giving up and try to learn from your mistakes it benefits both the killers and survs



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