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Really? And you complain? New content release thoughts

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948
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The devs literally said we needed to wait cause the new content wasn't ready...

Almost everyone: "You devs better release this tomorrow and/or before halloween, this is a halloween event!"

Devs: But it still isn't ready, we'll let you know when it releases with the minimum bugs possible, "we'll give you an update on the state of the content early next week"

Almost everyone "NO! WE WANT IT ASAP!"

*Devs release new content the next day with lots of bugs

Almost everyone: "This is completely bugged! WTH is this?!"


EDIT: I really believe the halloween event should've been released without all of the other stuff and that's it, well, if you actually wanted something added to the game, but ok...

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