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Some small but notable things from the 3.3.1 patch.

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first, the pigs lobby changes

For one, Pig now displays her traps in the main menu and killer lobbies!

The Killer lobby ^

The Main Menu ^

The interesting thing about this first one is, I made a post about pigs weapon being on her left arm in the main menu when it's always on her right hand! I made the argument that switching a weapon that's attached to her arm to her other arm isn't as easy as switching a knife or a clever to the opposite hand...

I wonder if @Peanits or @not_Queen heard about that post... (Most likely though this was a coincidence.)

second, Plunderer's Instinct now gives item auras

Items that're left on the ground and in chests now display a white aura for any Survivor nearby! (If you have Plunderer's Instinct in your perk slot of course.)

No more small keys and flashlights blending into the ground and being lost forever!

third, the instant healing items have been changed again

Quote from the patch notes.

  • Styptic Agent: To allow more counter-play we've reduced the time that Endurance will be active from 15 seconds to 8 seconds for the Styptic Agent specifically. Borrowed Time's Endurance timing has not changed.
  • Anti-Hemorrhagic Syringe: The Heal Over time effect now takes 16 seconds to heal a health state. We've increased the heal over time effect to 16 seconds (up from 8) for the release. As this is an effect that passively heals you while you can do other actions and it can be affected by items/ add-ons and perks we felt that having a timing similar to the regular health state heal made more sense than the 8 seconds that we put on the PTB.

Now the Syringe takes longer to get the heal off, so just using a loop isn't enough! And Styptic Agent has a reduced Endurance status effect time to allow for counter-play!

fourth, mettle of man...

Now, the perk can be activated more than once in a match!... that's it...

fifth, myers tiers being reverted back from tier 3 to tier 2

That's now fixed! No longer will you go into Tier lll and go back into Tier ll right after, missing your chance at a exposed hit.

sixth, some of the nurse's add-ons were changed again

The time they reduce has been changed! Now if you stack both they'll no longer make it as if the base-kit change didn't exist.

Quote from the patch notes.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the blink recharge timer to start too early if the player attacks after blinking.
  • Moved The Nurse's reappearance audio back to the end of blink. It had been mistakenly moved 0.3 seconds earlier when the changes were made to the blink reappearance visuals.
  • Torn Bookmark will now properly let The Nurse start with 3 blink charges (it was previously starting with 2 and only charging up to 3 after a blink had been performed) and removed the blink indicator effect.
  • Dark Cincture: Blink recharge time modifier changed from -0.6 seconds to -0.4 seconds.
  • Fragile Wheeze: Blink recharge time modifier changed from -0.9 seconds to -0.6 seconds

seventh, the undetectable status effect on some killers

Quote from the patch notes.

  • Updated certain Killer powers with the Undetectable status effect: The Shape in Tier I of Evil Within, The Pig while in crouch mode, The Wraith while Cloaked, The Ghost Face while in Night Shroud.

Note, Premonition and Spine Chill still work on these Killers.

eighth, the challenge tab can now be closed in post-chat by waving the mouse over it.

The title says it's, if you wave the mouse over the tab in post and pre chat, you can close the tab now!


These are some notable things from patch 3.3.1, if I missed anything please do write it down below (Anything you may thing should've been here, or something that was really important I missed!)

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