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Why Chapter 14th IS gonna be a Jason one. (useless post since chapter 14th is the oni)



  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 1,666

    That's just your opinion. He's an iconic slasher character and the people that want him outweigh the people that don't.

  • BackByDaylightBackByDaylight Member Posts: 92

    Found this on YouTube today.


  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I have seen those. Do you really think a hypnotizing power will work in DbD? And those were probably worse than the Leprechaun movies. Img were those bad. I'm only referring to powers that he has that would translate to DbD. Jason's true power is being unkillable. We don't see that in DbD. He'd be an M1 killer and any stretch of the imagination would be reaching too far. I think there are much better options that are not licensed




    Zombie-like Quaker judge from the Salem Witch trials

    Wicker man

    Slender Man

    Or pull from non movie licenses like resident evil, silent hill, etc

    In reality, Jason is less a creative option than most ideas I've seen on this forum and reddit. Then again, what do I know about creativity, right? LoL

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Wait, wtf said M1 was not fun to play? I main Trapper with a side of Doc and Pig. I cheat on them with Hag. This is not about M1 not being fun. It is about Jason not being a good addition to the game, imo. He would most likely be M1, and I'd like to see something more imaginative than him in the game. See the list above.

  • BackByDaylightBackByDaylight Member Posts: 92
    edited September 2019


  • BackByDaylightBackByDaylight Member Posts: 92

    @Warlock_2020 All killers are base M1,R2,RT and whatever switch buttons are ,but they have a unique power that's sets them apart from each other.

  • Jiren24Jiren24 Member Posts: 19

    I like Slenderman, but he's licensed unfortunately.

  • Richter_CadeRichter_Cade Member Posts: 91

    Yes, they would. They say nothing is off the table because if they say something is not happening right now then in two years time it happens people start with the nonsense. "But they said it wouldn't happen forehead!" Just look at the demogorgon thing, they said once they didn't want a non humanoid killer and idiots that don't know what humanoid means won't shut up now.

    You're using inductive reasoning to take a comment with almost no bearing on Jason as some kind of evidence he will be in the game, inductive reasoning itself is flawed and your argument is more so. The devs were just covering their bases, that's it.

  • TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 156

    I like that idea. However, Voorhees is so heavily licensed that it may very well be practically impossible to implement. Regardless, I support your claims. This is a good idea.

    But I also feel like Pennywise and other killers like Jack Torrance could do well also. For instance, I had an idea that Pennywise could have a balloon ability where he could be suspended into the air for a certain time period of about, let's say, 10 seconds, and could scout out the area and easily see survivour's locations, with his ability having a reasonable cooldown. God, he could attack with basically anything judging on his shapeshifting abilities! Fear could be a perk he could use as well.

    But see that there, what I just brainstormed, is, and always will be, just a theory. Cause DEVs and game companies work in mysterious ways. We don't know what's coming... could be anything! We'll just wait and see.

    And also, with the Sackhead Jason skin idea, we could also have Jason X? That'd be sick.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,011

    Slender man is an urban legend isn't he? If he is then he can't be licensed.

    I wonder if they'll do the terminator as a killer as deathgarden got a terminator hunter. Maybe they're an easy to approach license holder.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Again, M1 killer. There is nothing that Jason does that would lend to anything else for attacks. Sure, throw in a shadow step to another part of the map. He is still an M1 killer.

    Does not change the fact that I think he would be much less enjoyable or creative than several other options.

  • AttackfrogAttackfrog Member Posts: 1,135

    I have only read up to this point but if you are going to insult someone's understanding of "source material", you should probably have a solid grasp yourself:

    One of Jasons chief abilities is some sort of unacknowledged teleportation ability (though in fairness, even to call it that feels wrong).

    Prime example: in part VIII, with the teacher in the alley after they reach Manhattan (if you need me to elaborate you probably need to re-assess your own knowledge of the "source material".)

    Additiionally, you could argue that "he didn't alway s have those 'powers'" and you would be incorrect. His powers grew as the series unfolded and really only became supernatural in the 6-7 transition (which would make a great survivor +perks...part vii I mean!)

    It could also be argued that during parts 1,2 and 3 where {SPOILER ALERT LOL} The killer is his human mom and then just him as a grown up, that he is able to accomplish some very supernatural tasks (is killing and planting bodies while being undetected). If you aren't sure what I mean, rewatch those first 3 and try to figure out how a human could accomp!ish those things.

    TL;dr if they can make ghost face a killer, Jason has a wealth of abilities to draw from..UNLESS they pull from the remake....in which case, yes you are right. He's a psycho w a machete, but PLEASE don't tell me you are arguing in this thread and are only familiar with the reboot...Nobody wants reboot Jason the same way nobody really wanted reboot freddy

  • SenatorAcadiaSenatorAcadia Member Posts: 72

    Man I wish we would get Candyman. The reboot with Tony Todd is on the way and it just makes sense. Hook weapon. Bees for a power. Come on BVHR!

  • AttackfrogAttackfrog Member Posts: 1,135

    While I haven't seen it yet,I know I don't want reboot candyman....but original candyman???


  • Jiren24Jiren24 Member Posts: 19

    The original creator of the mythos named Eric Knudsen owns the rights to Slenderman. He is copyrighted. The developers of an upcoming game called Terrordrome 2 tried to speak with him to get the license, but were turned down. So they had to make a copy called Neverman.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Holy crapan, you should really try reading the whole thing before posting. I actually mention teleporting. At no point am I insulting anyone. I have seen every Friday the 13th movie, and have seen nothing viable in them that brings anything new to the game. (As mentioned above, hypnotizing survivors is not viable.)

    I also say that IMO (again, my opinion) Jason is a bad fit for DbD. At the essence of his character is a big, strong dude that can't be killed. No DbD killer can be killed in game. We already have several teleporting killers, and Jason would have no special form of attack. At best, he'd have a mori like Shape.

    Done with this thread. My response will not change. Jason would be boring for DbD.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,242

    The CandyMan needs to be in the game because we need a Hook Killer

    Totally not because I'm going to pretend he's a Pirate. That's totally not the reason

    Why are you all looking at me like that?

  • AttackfrogAttackfrog Member Posts: 1,135

    At some.point, killer powers will have to be variations of existing powers within the confines of this game. His teleportation could work similar to freddy's...more.object based (vs nurses).

    He might be boring for you, but then I think ghost face and demo gorgon are boring (and didn't buy). I would but Jason in a heart beat.

    I am very certain a Jason dlc would sell, but at this point it seems like license and costs outweigh the money it may generate. I would bet my hat that is the main reason he isn't here already.

  • FluorescentLemonFluorescentLemon Member Posts: 240

    If he doesn't say "Be my victim" after hooking a survivor I would riot

  • Mechamutourmon1Mechamutourmon1 Member Posts: 22

    I was hoping Friday The 13th would be the Chapter 13 DLC, but than came Stranger Things. So, hopefully we will get him at least as a DLC Paragraph; otherwise, it's wishful thinking.

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,253

    F13 is frozen. We literally CANNOT get any new F13 stuff.

  • Mechamutourmon1Mechamutourmon1 Member Posts: 22
    edited October 2019

    My ideas for Jason's first three Perks:

    Kill For Mommy: Speed increased by 15 percent and every first hit per Survivor knocks them down instead of with two hits.

    Never Hike Alone: Always sees the Aura and trail of one lonely Survivor as long as they remain separate from the others.

    Totem Trap: One random Totem is actually a Bear Trap in disguise. NOTE: This Perk can only work for Killers who are known to use Bear Traps, such as Jason Voorhees and The Trapper ; however, The Huntress also appears to be able to use this Perk as well.

  • ProfessorDunwichProfessorDunwich Member Posts: 803

    What possible reason would BHVR have to get in the legal debacle that ruined the F13 The Game. I would stay as far away from Jason as possible.

  • Mechamutourmon1Mechamutourmon1 Member Posts: 22

    What if We one day get Dracula, Van Helsing and Transylvania Castle as a DLC Chapter?

  • MonfuiserMonfuiser Member Posts: 15
    edited October 2019

    Name: The Slasher

    Power: Revenge

    You have the ability to switch into stealth mode and in stealth mode you are able to stalk survivors to build up your power. You get out of stealth mode by getting into a chase or the timer runs out which will start a cool down before you can go into stealth mode again.

    If you stalk a survivor for long enough, you will go into rampage mode. Rampage mode will let you walk through and destroy pallets and windows. Rampage mode makes it to where damaging a gen will make it regress 2x faster than normal. Rampage mode will make your terror radius map wide and scratch marks are closer together like predator. Rampage will also make it to where the survivor stalked by Jason will have their scratch marks appear if they are walking. Rampage mode will be shut down if the timer runs out or you walk through 3 objects. Windows destroyed by rampage mode will come back after a minute. Rampage timer lasts for a minute.

    (Does not afflict the exposed status effect)

    It might be a little broken but I wanted to give Jason the stalk ability while also giving the effect of a strong monster

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 430

    Imagine chunky being In the game. How is a surivior meant to take him seriously when he isn't even half their height. Don't even get me started on how stupid it would look to see a baby killer downing u then picking u up lmao. How would he even reach the hook? Not to mention how stupid the chase would look like.

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 621

    Why any specific Jason when he could have different skins for different parts.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,479

    Happy this person was wrong.

  • PennyPenny Member Posts: 136

    well, yea that would be way better, but the game has the license for the original franchise, not the reebot.

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