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Devs, you’re shooting yourselves in the foot if you go through with impossible and toxic challenges

pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,510

I was initially excited about the rift/archives in spite of my distaste for battle passes because it looked cool and it was presented as being actually feasible and worthwhile when it was announced.

But then the later challenges, already locked behind a time gate, were announced. Devs, I strongly urge you to reconsider these impossible pie in the sky challenges (that will generate toxicity and bad sportsmanship to boot.) It blatantly looks like these challenges were specifically designed to ensure people don’t make it through the rift, they don’t earn back their 1000 ac, and to twist our arms into dropping 100 ac to bypass them.

Nobody will want to pay for something that’s clearly rigged against them, and if people feel a lot of negativity and frustration towards not being able to even do these so called challenges, they won’t even waste their time doing the archives. Life is short and painful enough without added misery, especially designed to shake money out of your wallet.

Challenges should not require luck or chance. It should be skill and perseverance alone. This way everyone from the god tier players to the not very good, but having fun players have a chance.

I also think single trial challenges should probably be done away with too since this causes negative stress. If master challenges involved more numbers over time than the regular ones, it would inspire more people to try them.

Tldr; players won’t pay or participate in something they know they literally can’t accomplish and see it as bad faith by the developers.



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