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Spirit Nerf may lead to a negative domino effect

Spirit_HagSpirit_Hag Member Posts: 166
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

So im hoping this doesnt turn into too hot of a debate, but i have seen quite a few threads on how op the spirit allegedly is and how the devs say shes 'overperforming'. First off, im a bit confused as to why 'over performing' is a bad thing. You designed a killer that performs their job well and thats........bad?

Secondly, if you nerf her to bridge the gap between them and the other killers....wont we be stuck with just a bunch of 'meh' killers that wont have a good chance to perform well at red ranks? Seems to me, since people are so sick of seeing her at red ranks, that the best thing to do would be to buff other killers powers to be more viable allowing for more variety at red rank. Then you'll see less spirit and people probably wont be so harsh on her because they wont see her as often.

Lastly, i feel if you nerf her and bring her down to the other killers, wont it affect red rank queue times? With the number of viable red rank killers dwindling, i potentially see killers playing until purple rank then switching to survivor instead of playing into red rank due to the difficulty level and strong red rank swf. And after spirit, whos next? Billy? Hag? When does it end?

In conclusion, i feel like nerfing spirit may seem like it solves one problem, but could create so many more in the long run. Bring other killers to more viable levels and that seems to be the better idea, in my opinion.

Whats yours?



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