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First time playing Ghostface "right"

Heard all this talk about how Ghostface is actually a beast if you play him "right". Was excited about Ghostface and was completely let down when he was released, so I decided to give it a try.

Holy [BAD WORD], I loved it.

So yes, this is just gonna be some gushing and a recommendation for you to play him like this too.

So, start off the game and I immediately go into stealth. Discordance goes off, and I move that direction. Stealth is up, and I get a gen grab. Amazing way to start off. Super early DL stack. Scare the [BAD WORD] out of one. I'm happy already.

Chase after the other one on the gen. I'm not the best at looping, I'm only rank 3, so it lasts a little while. During that time, the Meg gets saved and healed about the time I down the Feng. Hook, stealth, and away.

Game continues pretty much like this the whole time. Lots of jumpscares, I love getting to feel scary again. Some long chases cause I'm not the best, and we eventually make it to end game. Two people left, one slugged on the floor. Find the last guy cause he accidentally looked at me in stealth. Never would've found him otherwise and probably lost him to hatch. It was so nice.

So, yes. Playing Ghostface "right" is phenomenal. I love it. Most fun I've had in a long time.


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