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Infinite Loading

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how do i refund the auric cells i stupidly bought yesterday for the pass to which is unplayable, i have had enough of this god forsaken game, there is too many bugs that giving the devs money is a crazy idea and i should not have supported them.

Unknown error occurred, lost connection to party, host unreachable error, rank update error, then there is the annoying game breaker of infinite loading after a match and i mean every match, i am not relaunching dbd after every match, so if i am unable to play and progress then why do devs deserve my battle pass money?

I want my refund, can i contact someone from support or do i have to charge back through the bank, i'd rather not charge back, should i contact steam?

Edit: i'm angry, as angry as any fan that can't use a service he paid for because its broken

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