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Disconnects (Purposefully or game crash)

This topic has been BEAT TO DEATH, so I do apologize for bringing up another "disconnect" thread. However, I do have a suggestion (if at all possible). Since I do play as Killer (Spirit), it does get very frustrating when a survivor does d/c. Our initial response is that they were obviously upset they got downed, hooked, mori'd, etc. As for me, I don't ever d/c. I've had bull [BAD WORD] games as both killer and survivor but I take it like a man and move on. However, at least for ME, while playing survivor, my game crashed several times in the past several weeks, either when I got hooked or at different points in the game, so obviously it initially makes me look bad but I know the truth.

My main point is: IF AND WHEN the devs start punishing d/cers, is there not an algorithm that can be set to differentiate between survivors / killers purposefully disconnecting and when they actually crash? This issue needs to be settled because it's ruining the game for a lot of people..


  • Stealthbomb95Stealthbomb95 Member Posts: 28

    This has happend to me in apex, R6 and DBD and I have been temporarily banned and that is annoying so it would be great if that was implemented.

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 583

    Supposedly, the automated "excessive DC" counter only counts when you hit the "leave" button from a game. Not internet connection loss, or game crashes. etc.

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