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The Golden Toolbox and the Hatch are connected

seagl3eseagl3e Member Posts: 24

Since we know the hatch was created by someone and not the Entity, I think the hatch was created using the golden toolboxes. A survivor from the past who might be long gone, maybe Alex or maybe Vigo, created the hatch using the golden toolbox, maybe thats why they are on almost every map out of reach left there by the survivor who used it to build the hatch and escape. It had to have been before Benedict since he documented escaped through the hatch before, so he wasn't the one who made it. Thoughts?


  • kornflakekornflake Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019

    Huh, they've said before that the creator of the hatch is already in the game and they described this individual as "someone that people tend to ignore", they have also said that the creator is really important to the DBD lore, like a hidden gem that everyone overlooks. My guess? I think it's Jake, just because of the nature of his character, but I could be wrong, it might as well be Vigo. :) Also the golden toolbox theory might not be farfetched, since it's kind of weird they tend to be in unreachable, hidden places. They might hold some other secrets that we don't know about... yet.

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  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 1,887

    IIRC from what I read on the wiki, Vigo was hinted at the creator of the Black Lock as he experimented with creations both scientific and magical from the power of the Entity. I beleive the Entity stole his creations and Vigo, same as the others, began to lose his memories and became another victim of the Entity. It's possible that he possibly found a way to hide from the Entity itself as we never actually see him in a trial beyond his items from the Bloodweb

  • xxplayerjuanxxxxplayerjuanxx Member Posts: 17

    When did they state that the hatch was invented by a survivor? Was it in a live stream?

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318

    I think it was in a Q&A at some point...

    I also don't know where @kornflake is getting their info from ("creator of hatch is already in game", "people tend to ignore", etc...) and I would like to see sources...

  • ektoekto Member Posts: 103

    I remember hearing about how the Gear Sphere (the survivor icon) was some magical and powerful tool. I always figured that was what is kept inside of the golden toolbox.

  • ShraarShraar Member Posts: 219

    Sounds to me like they're saying random stuff because they don't know wtf they're talking about, but they want to get you thinking.

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