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*For We Are The Unwanted Children Of The Entity* FIX "HOST UNREACHABLE" on PC

I have reported about this issue before (submitted tickets) but now it has gotten absolutely out of hand. The game has become totally unplayable for me because I keep getting the "Host Unreachable" error in both my killer and survivor experience. It happens almost every time I press Ready in survivor or killer menus and before going into a match lobby. Because of this, I now have to wait 20 minutes for one survivor game and 40 minutes for one killer game (even more if I'm unlucky). This issue started when the dedicated servers were rolled out and it has gotten worse every day. I think many players in my region have decided not to play the game (because of dedicated servers) and so this issue has got even bigger. I wanted to kindly ask you to make the use of dedicated servers optional so that players like me who live in a region that does not have many DBD players will still be able to play the game. With the current situation, I have stopped playing the game too (since at best, I can get 2 survivor games every hour no matter how long the match itself lasts). I have never loved a game as much as DBD and it breaks my heart that I'm not able to play it (when I actually could if not for the dedicated servers). I was very positive about the dedicated servers when I answered the game's survey about it but now after a month I am completely unsatisfied with dedicated servers and see no point of having one if it's making the game totally unplayable. It seems like the developers are not even acknowledging the issue, let alone fixing it. All of my friends have this issue and they have stopped playing too. Many players say they had been told by the devs that the issue is gonna get fixed with the mid-chapter patch, but now we know that it didn't get fixed. It almost seems like me, my friends and the players in our region are the unwanted children of The Entity. Please fix this Host Unreachable problem and keep us updated regarding the issue, as it is the biggest problem I have ever faced in this game.



  • sherzslayersherzslayer Member Posts: 22

    Did u get the error : connection to host could not be established?

    I get this error frequently too. Hope they manage to fix this.

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    I get every imaginable server related error, but mostly it is Host Unreachable

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    Might wanna say which region you're in, btw... because i'm playing fine in the UK.

    Host unreachable is also often an issue with either ports not being opened correctly, or DNS settings from your ISP.

  • iariel_777iariel_777 Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2019

    Exactly the same problem I have after the latest update 3.3.0 before this update I never had that error before this version

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  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    It's my problem and not the game's issue? Really? Then how come I have never had an issue like this, ever? How come I am able to play CS:GO, PUBG, FIFA, Rocket League, and so on? How come before dedicated servers there was no issue? You still believe the problem is from my side? How come the developers have told some players that "they are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it with the mid-chapter patch" (although obviously they didn't)? You have got this all over the place sir. I don't understand why would somebody take BHVR's side on an issue that so many players have and has made them unable to play. Some solidarity maybe? And I'm playing from the Middle-East region, btw.

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    You can vote in the link below too. Not that I think it's gonna make a huge difference but hey, maybe, if people can see it and have a vote.


  • iariel_777iariel_777 Member Posts: 5

    Aight! thanks dude, I've shared this link on my gamers circle, all we have this issue, we're from the north of Argentina

  • iariel_777iariel_777 Member Posts: 5

    @n1mAnarch aight, thanks dude, I've shared this link on my gamers circle, all we have this issue, we're from the north of Argentina

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    Given that we have a "frequent issues" thread and one of them is about connection issues... yes, I do believe it can be an issue on the users end.

    Specifically the user? No. Their modem or ISP? Yes. Have you never had issues where some websites work, some websites don't, you check your ISP and they go "Oh yeah, we've got some DNS issues right now"?

    Same sort of logic applies here.

    However, in your case (since you mentioned Middle East), I am seeing a LOT of reports of issues with dedicated servers in that region. I believe the game is supposed to fall back to P2P if the server isn't working, and it sounds like it's not.

    Based on that, I would recommend you submit a ticket to https://support.deadbydaylight.com and I'll ALSO raise an issue on my end that players in the middle east are having issues. :)

    Not much more I can do beyond that because, being honest, I rarely know much more than you folks do.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083

    I disagree with this being on the user's end if it's only happened since recent patches(I've been getting this issue only since the Stranger Things patch. It NEVER happened before that patch, and after it happens every other lobby).

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    Oh, don't worry, when I get a chance i'm going to be asking what's going on with the dedi's.

    Because it's hard for me to help you guys if I have no idea what IP address they're on, what port's they use, what communication protocol is being used (Steamnetworking is usually the normal one, but I have no idea if that's the case), etc.

    All I do know, with certanty, is that it's a connection issue between the device and the server. I just don't know WHY because I have no info on what they're doing.

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    @KhaineGB Thank you for helping us! This issue is happening on other regions too, especially in Russia and South America. Also, I've talked to players in my region (Middle-East) who play on other platforms (PS4 for example) and they also experience this.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    I've raised the middle-east servers as an issue, so I believe that's going to be looked into.

    Also, I was wrong. If dedicated servers are enabled, then the game does NOT fall back to the P2P system. It sticks with the dedis (bad idea, imo, but I'm not a dev... so). Fingers crossed it'll get resolved or we'll get some answers :)

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    @KhaineGB Thank you very much! I appreciate your efforts. Imagine I bought 8 DLCs in anticipation of this Halloween event (since they had promised they will fix the issue with the mid-chapter update) and I couldn't play in this double bloodpoint event. Sucks to be me.

  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 1,120

    Same problem. Region - Russia, more specifically - European part, the closest server from Germany I think. The problem appeared after the start of dedicated servers and many other players from my country have it. No one more games have not such problems. So the problem is definitely in the servers settings. I tried changing the settings of the router repeatedly, now set it to open the ports 5000-9000 and change the DNS from and to standard from the provider. I don’t know what exactly helped, but after that, it seems to me that the error appears less frequently. But not sure about that. Perhaps DBD now uses some kind of closed ports. Then need to find out which ones and at least say so that players can open them manually.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    I agree. I really want to find out what ports the game is communicating on since the switch because something definitely changed.

  • magusyktmagusykt Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2019

    Maybe somehow we can change the connection server? This problem is actual for me too

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 85

    i opened the ports(at least 6 of them that a friend of mine managed to find). it didn't get any better.

    same as @Ghost077 i'm in Russia - EU region(Moscow).

    my friends in full EU region(Switzerland, UK) do not have the same problem.

    so, yeah...

    also, @KhaineGB i did contact the support almost a month ago and they told me to check on forums which i do daily. no answers anywhere, no recognition of a problem either. and bhvr ignoring on Twitter

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    @niemniemnieeem The fact that BHVR doesn't even acknowledge this huge issue is the worst thing. That's why I'm saying "The Unwanted Children of The Entity". This is so so sad man. BHVR only cares about NA and western EU. They don't care about us at all.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 85

    yep... they could have at least recognized and address the issue. instead they just say it's on our side and our connection is bad when it all only started lately and no other game has similar issues.


  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 51

    Today I only could play 5 games out of 20 lobby searches, I've put a lot of money in this game. I have all DLCs and almost all Feng, Claudette, Ace, Kate, Jane, David, Dwight, Meg, Nea, Adam, Ash, Spirit, Plague outfits and the Rift Pass and more other outfits. I've spent that much money on this and can't even play it. Imagine how it feels devs. FIX THINGS INSTEAD OF ADDING THINGS.

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32


  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 1,120

    @KhaineGB Any news on this?

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 85

    same. today survivor lobby is impossible to get. i also get games in around 20% of all the times i queued. very bad day.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,136

    Last I heard is the same as you guys. Yes they know there's dedi issues and they're trying to fix them.

    And yes, i'm frustrated too. I can play fine, but I hate the fact I can't help you folks properly. :( It's driving me mad. The only thing I can suggest would be to try a VPN, but I don't like suggesting that due to potential issues with steam TOS. (they don't like VPN's due to store pricing differences)

  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 1,120

    I'm afraid with VPN the delay will be too uncomfortable for the game.

    >Yes they know there's dedi issues and they're trying to fix them.

    At least now I know that they are working on a fix. Nowhere is this officially mentioned, neither in the forum announcements, nor from any member of the devs in the forum, nor in those tech support. I wanted to know that they were going to fix it, but not ignore the problem. Thanks for information.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 85
    edited November 2019

    i've been on a holiday for 6 days, came back to same issue.

    today in the morning had several survivor games and maybe couple errors.

    right now it's 2pm Moscow time and i can't get a single lobby on any side. so basically there is just no space for me cause not enough servers.

    waited 10 minutes as killer and 12 minutes as survivor and got Host Unreachable again.

    outrageous. can i please play ffs?

    edit: been an hour, can't get a single game.wait for 10+ minutes on each side and just get Host Unreachable.

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  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    I still have this issue. It has not been solved. Guess there's no point in submitting a ticket or anything. BHVR just does not care about players outside EU and NA. Sad.

  • TheMLRTheMLR Member Posts: 5

    Lately I've had every "host" disconnection/problem since the latest patch, I'm not from the middle east I'm from South America. I reached the devs via ticket and they answered me like for 2 days straight with solutions. None of them worked, then they asked for my .log file, I sent it to them and they never replied after. I got tired of waiting and I don't know why I keep trying to play, really :( my killer rank downed to 17 it's an awful issue considering i've never had this type of problems before.

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