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DBD needs more... refreshing updates....

You know, like breath of fresh air.

They might be small but once that there are a lot of them, it will quite substantial

For a start, I think these needs to be changed a little

  • New mori animations - Trapper / Wraith need new ones because they are very... very old. With the new killers you can see how much progress was done with mori animations so it CAN be done. Not just those 2 killers, but others as well, those are just examples. I'd love to see each killer have more than 1 mori variant. You can choose what clothes to wear, what happens, what emblems... so why not new moris? If that doesn't work, keep it 1 mori but make it more clean, rough it up around the edges a little or make it more brutal as all killers should be, bloody and murderous
  • INDIVIDUAL Killer chase music - This should be probably one of the most important updates as it brings something really unique to the game, each killer have their own terror radius, chase music etc (Yes, I am aware that some of them have them but more should) If you've been on Youtube lately, there is a bunch of fan-made killer chase musics that contain terror radius, chase and Killer's POV music. The 2 channels i would recommend are "Mr Envy" and "Jon Rob". Both are fantastic.

I think those 2 are the most refreshing updates in my opinion but there are others such as

  • Different Maps
  • Small / Big reworks on certain maps
  • Personally, I'd love to see a change in the UI
  • Lobby menu where you can see survivors, should be more lively... interactive. Each survivor doing something, sitting down, playing guitar, standing up both arms crossed. And the Killer shouldn't be looking at them from like 5 or 10 feet away... like can't you see him ? I'd love if the killer was peeking a structure, a tree or just hiding behind in the dark a little bit further away.

That's all i can get right now.

Sure new killers and survivors are both viewed as a breath of fresh air but.... We didn't really ask for them. More like bug fixes, new maps, new chase music and what not.


  • JoyfulLeaderJoyfulLeader Member Posts: 565

    So far, the Stranger Things chapter is the most refreshing thing that's happened in my opinion. The rift and archives is cool and all but really is a burn out that kinda becomes unfun. Hopefully next chapter is something great and not another "meh" killer

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