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Killer Perk: Hex: Stockholm Syndrome

Your sacrifices call upon the Entity to corrupt the minds of survivors

Every time a survivor is hooked, gain a token

1 Tokens: Hooked and Downed Survivors gain the blindness status effect

2 Tokens: Unhooking takes 250% longer and you are notified at the start of the unhook

4 Tokens: Survivors suffer a 20% hindered status effect when not in chase

7 Tokens: Survivors cannot exit through the exit gates or the hatch, the totem reveals itself as a lit totem.

This hex totem disguises itself as a dull totem.


  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 431

    Jeezus! 250% slower unhook? And you're notified about it at the start of it?!

    Permanent Hindered during chases?!

    And survivors can't even escape?!!

    Absolutely not. Nope, go the ######### back to planning, this is way too op.

    The inclusion of it being disguised as a Dull totem just makes it worse.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    Uh it only adds 2.5 seconds since it's so fast.

    It's only when they are not in a chase.

    Yeah that last part is dumb

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 583

    Though I can agree that not being able to leave is a bit odd, all that needs to be done to make it balanced is remove that it stays a dull totem until then.

    Even then, Survivors should spend some time breaking dull totems, because of the threat of NOED, so more perks like this are needed. In that case, this perk would need to be nerfed a little I'm sure, but still the point stands.

    250% more is absolutely nothing to hook speeds. You can ignore that part. The important thing is the notification, which also means near nothing. All it does is grant another 3.5 seconds to get there. Most killers move at 4.6m/s, so that would grant a 15.5 meters off from the time it takes to get back to the unhooked Survivor. Mind you, 15.5 meters is basically pointless. Your own words from one of my posts are that 8 meters is nothing. 16 meters is double 8, but still not long.

    Hindered is a weak effect that is only a slight help to Killers. Simple as that.

    Like stated above, not being able to see the totem with that last effect is a bit extreme, but even then stop exaggerating things that have simple fixes. Also remember this requires 7 hooks to even have that effect. In an ideal scenario, 3 hooks per gen popped. All hex totems are destroyed within the first 2 gens. 6 tokens at max in the best scenario before it's gone if it's not hidden.

    You can't tell balance very well, can you? Besides the last effect this perk would rarely see use. It is still a very cool idea, but not a "way too op" one. Don't exaggerate in responses and still act like it's constructive criticism.

    Just a quick note, never EVER say "back to planning" unless the item in question is so unbalanced and so dumb that the mere concept must be reworked, alright? This instance requires one line... ONE LINE to be removed in order to be balanced.

    Actual feedback for the post: Just remove that the totem is hidden.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 706

    I wrote a similar name to this awhile back on the Steam forums. It wasn't as limiting.

    If survivors were sitting in the exit gate zone. They began having reduced speed in walking and actions. For every 10 seconds they remained in the zone. They begain at 1% and then built to 10% reduced action speed. If they left the zone. It would take 30 seconds to clear off the status effect.

  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

    I actually really like this perk idea, though I would not recommend it on higher-level matches. It is very easy to notice once one has 2 tokens, because of the effects that it gives being more unique. This balances the totem fairly well, allowing for decent use of it on either side.

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