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We have our tools to kill you, you have your tools to survive, stop complaining.

I made a post about this a while ago and so many people make post about how op or unfair or whatever spirit is, you didn't complained 6+ months ago, she didn't change since then, she got her buffs a year ago and nothing else changed, no complains, or dc (not as much as now tho), so why NOW? why only NOW do you all start to complain and beg for nerfs?

What did the spirit do to deserve all this suddent hate? same add-ons as before, same gameplay as before, nothing changed, why all the hate NOW? you could deal with her and support her months ago, why do you NOW complain?

A killer have the RIGHT to be powerful and counter your huge defenses, you can counter her back with the right perks and actions you decide to make, we killers have perks as well to counter as much as possible the gen rush or the looping and everything else, why is it so wrong NOW to have perk to counter spirit? and also, all the perks that counter her, works well on other killers too, iron will to be stealthy, work with everyone, good perk as well, spine chill, let you know a killer is coming your way, good to know and take advance to go away, good as well for every killer, even more now because of the undetectable status on killers.

WE killers have the tools to counter your defense and YOU have the tools to counter our offense, so why all the hate NOW? nothing has changed since then, maybe if you would also stop disconnecting all the time, use those perks to try to deal with her, change your movement or actions,

You can't always have a easy escape or a free win, not because you are 4 and we are 1 that means you should be strong and always win, we are the killers, we must kill you, if we are all B- tier, it's unfun for us as well, there HAS to be strong killers, if we are all weak or average, it won't be fun for us either, and if there's no strong killers, if there's only frustration all the time for us because we can't have a strong killer, so getting 0-2 kills each game, being looped all the time, tbagged or insta heal (tho nerfed) DS all the time, BT all the time, complain about noed, when you have adrenaline, no killer, no games, you have your own tools, we have ours,

Use them, and play the game, and stop complaining and disconnecting, not because you DC it means a killer is strong, it simply means you are so childish and lazy you don't want to learn and play and fight this killer, you won't always have a easy game, you won't always win, we won't always win, but not because it's a spirit or nurse or billy that it's a lost, you can destroy us if you play right, and same for us killers, we can destroy you if we play right.

Play well, use perks to counter us, we use ours, we play, we kill, we survive, we have fun, stop complaining, play the game and have fun.

(Sorry for bad grammar)


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