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Spirit kills= devs nerf

sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742
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I'll agree prayer beads is a busted as hell add on but I don't think Spirit needs nerfs beyond that. But the again bhvr loves doing things no one asked for or wanted like those nurse changes again her add on's needed changing but base kit.

Balancing based on "fun" will also eventually lead too no fun being had by either side which will crater the playerbase even more.

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  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 4,043

    Nope, thankfully "just because there's a crowd" isn't the only reason to want Spirit nerfed and the devs realise that.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,519

    yeah they're totally nerfing her because she kills, you're not just being ignorant or anything..

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742

    I consider the nurse nerf a blatant pander for casual players who aren't even retained players they do impluse buys though.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    You don’t need 4K hours to not be considered a casual and as for your Bloodborne comparison, I love facing spirit and can counter her but I don’t find Bloodborne fun.

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742

    Well you must be one of the few smart ones on this forum then because mention spirit and tears and salt fly.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    That's certainly possible.

    To me, this nerf shows a lack of understanding about Nurse. Not to mention, it reinforces the norm that the devs cater to survivor mains.

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742

    I play both and I think both need increased difficulty but I don't know if devs want harder gameplay.

  • SaintDenisSlasherSaintDenisSlasher Member Posts: 227

    The game SHOULD be casual. I agree that spirit doesn't need to be nerf as hard as she's going to be (If the past is anything to go by) but i think this game being "competitive" is what leads to the toxicity and horrible balancing in favor of survivors since they can win more constantly. Compare the number of escaping streams to 4k streaks. I looked on YouTube and only found one at 32 and he didn't count hatch escapes. I seriously doubt anyone has ever got 50 4ks in a row. This is all because survivor is considered the "competitive" aspect of the game

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,212

    My current opinion with spirit as a Spirit Main: Add-ons need a rework but they still need to be somewhat useful for her, honestly I don't find it necessary to nerf the mindgames as personally as Spirit I only end up using those mind games once or twice a match it's not very meaningful to what they call the "coinflip" scenario. Collision is fine in my opinion as Spirits who know what they are doing will just realize the sound is behind them now and they just have to turn around and down them. Collision can help the survivors in some cases. The only thing I think they could change with Spirit is making grass and terrain move to give the survivors some information other than collision of her location. I personally have fun facing against Spirit as well as playing as her. Although I am aware that I may have a small bit of bias as it is my main 😬

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 938

    Wrong. A casual playerbase is not a committed one.

    Who do you think will play more consistantly? The rank 15 who likes the look of certain characters and is looking forward to other games OR the rank 2 that has menorized every map layout, uses top tier perks they grinded for, and gives plenty of feedback to the devs because they lnow the inner workings of the game better than the devs themselves?

  • SaintDenisSlasherSaintDenisSlasher Member Posts: 227

    The causals obviously.

    Look at Overwatch, hell better yet loom at fortnite. And those games are actually suited for competitive play, and have huge competitive scenes, but the lifeblood of both are casual. Remind me of the dbd competitive scene is going again?

    Meanwhile you have a battlepass and stranger things crossover that did so well it has its own edition, not because the demogorgon is anywhere near the best killer but because it's fan service for casual fans of the game and show

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 4,043

    No, actually, I tended to use brown add ons, or fatigue ones, mostly because I hated her whole +2 stat -1 stat thing.

    She wasn't balanced, and no, I don't sympathise at all with the people who are so unreasonably upset that her base kit got touched.

    It was a healthy change for the game.

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742

    Spirit=dc seems meme worthy to be honest

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,283

    Yup. That's why they nerfed exhaustion, healing, and pallet vacuum. Because survivors were calling for it. Get real. They've nerfed both sides plenty over the years. Pretty sure survivors weren't calling for those nerfs I mentioned above. The devs make the nerfs they do, to try to balance out the game for the greatest number of players. I don't agree with every change they make. But can we dispense with the "they only listen to survivors" crap. It's getting old.

    Uhh or alot of people hated playing against Nurse. Not just the "casuals" either. Which is the same reason they're looking at Spirit. Because people hate playing against a coin flip killer. Personally I don't give a damn if they nerf her. Or leave her untouched. But let's not pretend it's because of pandering to "casual" players. She's simply not fun for the majority of the player base.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 938

    That explains the copious amount of competative Twitch players on both Fortnite and Overwatch, as well as OW's ENTIRE LEAGUE. Believe me, I played my fair share of OW, and that game would NOT survive on casuals alone, even in Quick Play.

    Even with Stranger Things release, Dbd never hit over a 25k playerbase (At least on PC). Stranger Things saw an increase to 23,458 players and dipped to 20,384. The Archives and event boosted it up to 22,431 players, and if history repeats itself, will dip once again. The game is gaining more of an audience overtime, even if it is rather inconsistant. But that is because the game is becoming more competitively balanced (give or take).

    Compare the game now to what it was a year ago. A casual player isn't going to be active in feedback, trying to improve the game, they're just gonna go to a different game.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    To be fair, they nerfed Object of Obsession by adding Undetectable status into the game and they also nerfed instant heals, which were the most BS thing survivors had for a long time.

  • Rin_is_my_waifuRin_is_my_waifu Member Posts: 963

    I have a better title

    Survivors cry and DC against spirit = nerf

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 1,017

    This game has always been for the casual. People already make fun of weak M1 killers (most of them) and how easy it is for survivors to hold M1 all game. Hasn't that been the same for most of this game's life?

    I doubt they would be willing to change a simple formula that would alter its difficulty and decrease its popularity. I don't think making the game harder will draw in more players because most of the players caring enough to complain are just average-skill gamers to begin with.

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