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Hate killers slugging for the 4k?

SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962

Start calling for the hatch to be removed.

It's literally the only reason a killer has to slug at the end of a match creating a situation that can drag on for much longer than it needs to. (Aside from being mean or starting a slug race)

If a killer has done well and sacrificed 2 survivors and would like to get a 4k, they are forced to slug the 3rd while looking for the 4th in order to avoid the hatch from being opened allowing a survivor to escape.

Each side uses a tactic to stall the event that will help their side do better than they already have. This same stall tactic is used by survivors who 99% the gate in order to have time to make a daring rescue... or taunt the killer.

The principle is the same.

Use a tactic to prevent a mechanic that forces the end of a match. EGC and the Hatch are those endings.

If you're going to say that the killer isn't entitled to a 4k even though they've sacrificed 2 survivors and downed the third, then I'd argue that if survivors couldn't escape the killer and do gens then they're not entitled to a free escape for failure.

Regardless, the original point is this.

If you don't like getting slugged for the 4k, ask the devs to remove the hatch.

Or run Unbreakable.



  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127

    Honestly, if survivors stopped crawling to/saving other survivors, people would get tired of this tactic. No hatch removal needed.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,545


  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962

    But you still want to get what you earned... I understand.

  • xRemxRem Member Posts: 375
    edited November 2019

    What would be the point? You can patrol the doors and have a pretty good chance at catching the 4th, if a killer has killed 3 he should have the advantage of getting the 4th, not luck based as the hatch is currently.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,832

    Not all. I may down someone do a quick look around to see if anyone near and then hook the person. 3k or 4k doesn't matter that much.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,887

    You didn't earn it by this game's standards, though. If you don't like them, you can play another game.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962
    edited November 2019

    Bad teams is a result of bad ranking and matchmaking systems.

    DC's are a result of bad mechanics and lack of incentives to not DC.




    1. believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.


    earn verb

    \ ˈərn  \

    1a: to receive as return for effort and especially for work done or services rendered

    2a: to come to be duly worthy of or entitled or suited to

    2b: to make worthy of or obtain for

    There's a difference between earning something and feeling entitled to it.

    A quick glance at your post would suggest that it is actually a post that seems entitled.

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 67

    I feel the hatch isn't going anywhere (even though I personally hate the mechanic). It is reasonable that if a survivor is dealt a really bad team or encounters a vastly superior killer that there should be a fail safe in place to allow somebody to get out. You can say "well it's a team game and the survivors should be more team oriented so it doesn't get that bad to begin with" but unfortunately survivors are a lot less organized without SWF/Comms, and too organized when they have it. Removing hatch would hurt solo play, which is already suffering. Most of my games have some kind of SWF in it, usually a duo. Survivors need more relevant ways outside of UnbreakaBill to deal with slugging because currently that's the only perk that is useful for combating it. I understand BHVR's ideology on balance seems skewed towards pumping out perks to handle core problems but when you have a community that is so divided and all over the place it becomes hard to balance the game.

    -BHVR needs to establish 100% that both sides are equally catered to in terms of balance. The recent Nurse and Insta changes are a good step in the right direction even if there were some mistakes made with it. The intentions were in the right place.

    -Perhaps buff Flip-Flop to a one time break free from killers grasp after being slugged perk? It may not even need to be a one time use, I am unsure. Might make ash actually useful and give survivors the opportunity to fight the slug and hunt strat. I'm not fond of second chance perks, but they are needed to keep killers honest. I want to see more perks like this on killer side to keep SWF honest (Knock Out is a good example.)

  • Lonefox64Lonefox64 Member Posts: 132

    What do you mean? If your teams bad you dont deserve to win

  • FreakPrinceFreakPrince Member Posts: 345
    edited November 2019

    Exactly. I don’t know why some killers think they’re entitled to a 4K

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,215

    What's going to stop me from hiding from the Killer for 45 minutes to spite them then?

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,254

    Yeah, I will hide until the surv bleeds out or something.

  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710
    edited November 2019

    It’s a loaded post Bc not all killers just slug for hatch, they slug for a wide variety of reasons, at all times during the match. It’s a no from me, Bc the proposal doesn’t stop slugging, and they’d find a new reason to slug like “doors spawned too far apart”. Hard pass, I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 606
    edited November 2019

    I love it when players blame KILLERS for slugging despite the fact that being put in the dying state is a mechanic that the developers manufactured.

    How about instead of demanding Killers change for a game that can't figure out how to give Dying more intensity or things to do, try asking the devs to start caring about game health and fun by maybe revamping the dying state.

    Because I'm not gonna stop slugging because you think its 'unfun'. Its not my job to make games fun for you, its the developers job. Not sorry.

  • VincentRedfieldVincentRedfield Member Posts: 285
    edited November 2019

    HELL to the no. There have been so many times i have been stuck with potato "teammates" and hatch has been my only chance of escaping. I was overjoyed when they reworked left behind.

    Remove hatch and you may as well remove solo survivor. Killer mains with their "my job is to kill you" attitudes deserve the 30 min ques to fight Swf

  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    If the hatch closes all hope isn't lost for survivors. Start crouching, look up and spin around infront of the killer, if they're lucky you'll get spared. Works better if your a pizza dwight can confirm

  • LeobolicsLeobolics Member Posts: 28
    edited November 2019

    Yeah I understand, and all the killers must mori all the survivor in the single hit and now it should be only 1 hit and completely die and all the survivors are too OP and the Spirit is perfectly viable and is not OP because I'm a killer main

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  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,684

    Hatch shouldn't be removed although there should be a cowards way out rather then waiting ages to die

  • TheKingOfAllTheKingOfAll Member Posts: 73

    Remove hatch. An idea I had was to make it when you are the last survivor left, the killer can see your aura when outside of 32 meters (even if your in a locker) And then a timer kind of like egc starts. Once the timer is up, the exit gates actually open, and the survivor can run out. I think this would be a fun and very exciting way to finish the game, and it would reward skilled survivors instead of the survivors who hide in a corner doing nothing all game and then they get the hatch. It would also reward skilled killers by giving them a chance to end the game fairly.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,163

    You're not wrong, though it doesn't matter what character the survivor is. I will usually give the door to a survivor if they just give up or point at the exit or something.

  • VeNoM17VeNoM17 Member Posts: 51

    I dont slug for the 4k anymore it's too boring I'm a rank 5 killer but I play it 50/50 survivor and killer. But I literally just hook the 3rd survivor if he or she dies I just am confident enough I can find the hatch before the survivor if not the way I play I can take the 3k and still pip up USUALLY.

  • VincentRedfieldVincentRedfield Member Posts: 285
    edited November 2019

    It's not YOUR team. Its a bunch of random strangers that killers claim if you even talk to them its cheating.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,323
    edited November 2019

    Hello Space, you don't really need to slug for the 4K because there is a second way to get a 4K without slugging (through it could be needed depending on your situation)!

    Here's the secret:

    Assume there are two survivors remaining.

    Let them complete enough generators to where there are two generators remaining, then find the hatch because it has spawned in.

    Once you find the hatch, remember its location then sacrifice the last survivor when you find him or her.

    After sacrificing, go to the hatch and close it. The sacrifice animation gives you enough time to travel to the hatch.

    EGC, in most cases, is usually killer sided because the exit gates tend to spawn together unless it's The Game or Léry's.

    Boom, 4K and survivors don't get upset because at least they got their 3rd attempt for an escape! ??

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