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New Killer: The Beastmaster

SadCyclopsSadCyclops Member Posts: 116

Height: Medium

Terror Radius: 32 m

Speed: Medium (like the Spirit)

Appearance: Coated in selfmade fur and leather clothing and other materials of the woods this old aged man looks more than a hybrid of animal and human, than just the human that he really is. His grey beard and his hood are covering parts of his face full of scars.

He wears a gauntlet with razor sharp bones attatched to them or maybe a self made axe or jungle knife (based on cosmetics i guess) as a standard weapon.


One With The Nature:

The trial starts with 7 dens/lairs placed on the map on specific locations like totems. The dens have one exit and are empty at the start of the trial and can never be destroyed nor entered.

While in the trial the Beastmaster can place spirits of different animals into the dens by walking close to them and pressing M2 for about 2 seconds. He can decide between wolves (2 charges), crows (3 charges) and bats (2 charges). The Beastmaster can also take a spirit out of a den and place/swap it into another one at any time, when being close to it.

If a Survivor walks or runs close to a den with a spirit inside, a green light ball (the spirit) will slowly fly out of it until it morphs to its animal form. This takes 2 seconds and gives an audio to the Survivor. Crouching doest trigger dens.

If the spirit was a bat, a group of bats will be formed out of the light ball, spreading and disappearing over 1 second, giving the Killer a visual and audio signal that the den was triggered. The Killer gains 1 bat charge and the triggered den is empty now.

If the spirit was a crow, the light ball takes the form of a crow, chasing the Survivor at 100% speed until it catches up. Then the crow flies above the head of the Survivor just like when a Survivor would stand afk for too long, giving the Killer hints to where the Survivor may be. The Killer gains 1 crow charge and the triggered den is empty now.

If the spirit was a wolf, the light ball forms into a spirit wolf, moving at normal walking speed of a Survivor but ignoring obstacles. If the wolf reaches the Survivor it lands a hit which injures the Survivor (or puts them into dying if already injured). The wolf spirit disappears if the chase lasts longer than 3.5 seconds after the morph. The Killer gains 1 wolf charge and the triggered den is empty now.



Years in the forest made you an expert in the behaviour of many creatures. You have learned to understand them and how to interact with them.

You do not disturb crows anymore and crows reappear 30/40/50% faster.

Hunting Season:

To survive in the wilderness you needed to hunt your prey for decades. When it comes to the instinct to survive only the sky is the limit.

You gain Bloodlust 50/75/100% faster (each tier). There is no longer a limit of Bloodpoints in the Hunting category.

Gaias Wreath:

You can not only hear your prey breathe or see them walk. By studying their movements you can literally feel their poor souls through the soil and trees around you.

While you are at least in Bloodlust Tier 2: You can see the Auras of all Survivors within 4/6/8 meters of you.


The Beastmaster starts glowing in the same green as the spirits and a wolf spirit covers his body as an aura around him, he howls and then he goes down on the Survivor, holding its arms with his and biting the Survivors neck a few times in a blood rage until the glowing stops. Then he stands up again, and wipes the blood off.


-Maybe dens could be cleansed in a kind of was that the spirits return to the Beastmaster.

-If dens can be cleansed a red add on could hide a totem

-Add ons could apply spirits at start of the trial or more spirits of a special kind of animal or even new ones


  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

    Great job coming up with all of this! it sounds very thought out and organized and fairly balanced.

    I was going to mention a critique I thought of while looking at the percent for bloodlust-gain speed paired with Gaias Wreath, but after looking back at how long it takes to get bloodlust, the bloodlust move speed bonuses, and how long an average chase is, I would say you did a very good job balancing your perks.

    Lastly, I would say that, instead of no limit for BPs in a category from a perk, maybe it could just be a new set of offerings like this:

    (Name Placeholder for Each Offering)

    There is no limit to BPs gained in the (Category Placeholder) category. You earn (50-100%) bonus BPs in the (Same Category) category.

  • SadCyclopsSadCyclops Member Posts: 116

    Thank you. I love to hear that you liked my idea. I would also appreciate a new set of offerings, as there havent been new offerings for ages (besides map ones).

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    Anna's grandpa.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    So it had a TR of 32 metres and speed like the spirit which is 110% did i get it right?

    Why 32 TR and not 24?

    Btw the power is lackluster

    The power should compensate with the mobility

  • SadCyclopsSadCyclops Member Posts: 116

    i love the idea of the terror radius and the scare effect of it. thats why i like killers with higher radiuses. his power can detect and hurt survivors and as the killer can manouver survivors to dens his high radius is appropriate i think.

    and could you explain why you think this power would be "lackluster" in any point?

    its a scare (which is a basic to a horror game) a detection and in the best case even a hit on a survivor if played right and all of this in a new mechanic.

    i want to go back to a horror game and think this character could be a fun way for both sides, survivor and killer players.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    that 110% mobility the power should compensate with it, like when a den is triggered it should boost the mobility by 5%

    that 110% mobility the power should compensate with it. Example hag have teleport and the spirit have phasing to help them catch up to the survivors, this killer powers can only reveal and possibly damage the survivor with its den spirits but can't catch up to them during a chase and they will just infinitely loop this killer

    The wolf spirit chase duration is too short 3.5 secs and too slow 100% mobility

    As i stated before The power can't compensate with its slow mobility

    I suggest you must rethink things and change them

  • SadCyclopsSadCyclops Member Posts: 116

    Probably 3.5 seconds is really a little too less. Maybe 120% would also be better. Public test build would figure this stuff out i guess. I just dont think the Beastmaster should be a fast Killer. The Wolf should be a kind of hunting power he uses. He can lead his prey into the direction of the dens with his Terror Radius and let the Wolf Spirit attack the Survivor and if he chases a Survivor close to a den, he just puts another Wolf into the den, making the Survivor trigger it. You know, playing with tactics.

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 2,428

    You did a great job, I especially love the mori idea. I also think for either a very or ultra rare add-on you could have a bear(1 charge) that moves at a moderate pace but is a one shot down.

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