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Name One Thing You Love About DBD



  • HeyZeusHeyZeus Member Posts: 14

    Getting adept on the character/killer so you can get the trophy and finally put the perks you want on lol.

  • chanbyrschanbyrs Member Posts: 2

    The Characters! All of them are unique in their own way (killers included) and i love how we have michael myers or the pig in the same universe as the trapper or the huntress.

  • toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 318

    i love the people that play survivor. without them, i wouldn't be able to play my sweet sweet killer.

    thank you to all the survivor players! <3

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,964

    Long distance chainsaws

  • LaraVermillionLaraVermillion Member Posts: 75

    I love the many awesome people I met through this game and the hundreds of hours I enjoyed playing and talking with them :)

  • StompaStompa Member Posts: 154

    love the video of kote playing hag, the rest went out the window over the last few years

  • LeobolicsLeobolics Member Posts: 28

    This post is the living true that the killers are the only ones who enjoy DBD in this days

  • GuertenaGuertena Member Posts: 388

    Bringing licensed characters to play with. I love Laurie, Quentin, Tapp, Steve, Miss Pig, Myers.

  • slayaslaya Member Posts: 30

    Its kind of toxic, but i love when you get all 4 slugs at the beginning of the round, whenever I do that I let one person go.

  • DaranahDaranah Member Posts: 1

    I have to be honest... Its the best and coolest game to lose all your friends, better than moba... 😥

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,052

    When you're in a solo queue and everyone blocks the hook to save a survivor on death hook

  • HuntressIsMyFavXDHuntressIsMyFavXD Member Posts: 132

    I love being able fake the phase walk to mindgame a survivor into my hands

    Being able to cross map snipe with huntress

  • YungCloutking1YungCloutking1 Member Posts: 136


  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175

    Finding a combination of perks that works well for me. I've had the game for a while on PS4 and Xbox but I don't play much and haven't playtested a lot of the builds I have ideas for. Finding a build that gives me an amount of help to still keep matches challenging is defintiely my favorite part.

    ... Oh! I also really like Ash Williams 😂😂😂😂 that was a day one purchase.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175
    edited November 2019

    Fan art is pretty cool too.

    Some folks out there are really talented.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175


    That's awesome!

  • NipexNipex Member Posts: 8

    I love using Dwight and using head on, quick and quiet, inner strength, and DS, for that extra long stun

  • USELESSUSELESS Member Posts: 1,151

    I love when survivors dc Cuz i am good :)

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,134



  • ggallinftwggallinftw Member Posts: 338

    Love how the devs go silent and ignore major issues every time they break the game... so mysterious.

  • EihpostaEihposta Member Posts: 6

    I'm loving the archive and rift ATM!

    But I main survivor so not much fun solo? I do love a few things to note

    Team players:

    Survivors who help and can pull off the last minute YOLO save!

    Skillfull killers:

    When I leave a match (dead or alive) and think to myself dayum killer GG!

    Whether it's a cross map hatchet or a skillful nurse!

    Or even dare I say it... A spirit mind game :D

  • HuN7r3sSHuN7r3sS Member Posts: 211

    Actually getting a head pop with The Pig

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 839

    One thing I love about DBD is having all these horror franchises in one game.

  • 4k under 3 min

  • voiceofguns27voiceofguns27 Member Posts: 78

    I can have a field day of both ends of the spectrum of why I love and hate this game. One BIG reason why I love this game is that it's not another FPS, RPG, or BR. It's a unique asymmetrical thriller/horror game. While I can understand the difficulty of balancing such a genre, the game keeps breaking more than it is fixed. Granted the game is in a better state than what it first used to be (I know this is everybody's go to first response), the game should not still be as broken as it is.

  • BulletHunter404BulletHunter404 Member Posts: 10

    grab someone in early game

  • MissMoraMissMora Member Posts: 28


    that is all

  • SethalasSethalas Member Posts: 4

    After you get the second hit on someone, she/he screams, the music stops, and you get the nice animation of you wiping the blood away from your weapon of choice with a nice sounding " sllllshhhh".

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