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Killer Concept - The Boogeyman

MystocMystoc Member Posts: 54

In the deepest shadows, it is watching and it is waiting, it is where least suspect and most suspect it at the same time. It is the reason many lay wide awake at night unable to slumber. You first hear of it has a child when you misbehaved it made you be on your best behavior. Is it real or is just a story? no matter whether it was real or was never meant to be it is there and not there, for fear of something gives it power, and the entity knows this all too well, fear made manifest allows legends and myths to become reality, it is hiding ready pop up when you least suspect it ready to str-..

The Boogeyman

Appearance: - a creature with grey skin thin and gaunt with a face that has no eyes and just empty sockets with balding lanky greasy black hair with long claw-like hands and feet
Sounds: - the boogeyman has clam regular breathing that almost sounds like growling but is not it never alters from this even when stunned or blinded
Movement Speed: - 115%
Terror Radius: - 32 meters

Power - Hide & Seek

  • Channel your power for up to 4 seconds, while the power is channeled you move very slowly and the aura of all lockers are visible, each second increase the range of your power by 25 meters up to 100 meters lockers with in range can be teleported inside of by looking in their direction
    -The channel may be canceled even when fully charged
    -There is a 3 second cooldown on teleporting to a locker a survivor just entered or exited
    -Lockers within range will have green auras, lockers not within range will have red auras
    -while inside the locker, you have no terror radius
    -while in the locker you have the same view when a survivor hides in one
    -If a survivor is in the locker you teleport to or tries to enter a locker you are already in grab them
    -You exit the locker same speed survivor does it when they exit quickly
    -Exiting a locker makes a loud bang from the door hitting the side of the locker

Example Addons:

Common: - exit a locker slightly faster
Common: - slightly reduce the sound of exiting a locker
Uncommon: - channel your power moderately faster
Rare: - exiting a locker gains you considerably more movement speed for 1.5s
Very Rare: - while in a locker you may channel your power
Ultra Rare: - once at max charge time unlimited range on the power

Weapon: Claws- swipes out in a lounge when attacking
Post hit animation: - shakes blood off hands
Mori Animation: - sticks two fingers in each of the survivors eye sockets and puts the thumb into the survivors month down their throat and slowly picks them much like someone would a bowling ball until they die hanging in the air and then throws them to ground the survivor will no longer have eyeballs and their mouth will be agape

Teachable Perks

Lost & Found:

  • Items on the ground and chests auras are visible to you while within 16/24/32 meters of them
  • If there is an empty chest on the map an item on the ground can be interacted with to send it into that empty chest the chest then closes
  • When a survivor picks up an item receive a notification (like when a survivor vaults pallets)
  • Survivors auras are visible to you when they are searching a chest
  • While a survivor searches a chest or hides in a locker your heartbeat is silent to them

Finders Keepers:

  • While carrying a downed survivor locker auras are also visible
  • Downed survivors may be stored inside lockers this is treated like hooking them
  • perks associated with the hook apply to lockers as well
  • Once a survivor is stored in a Locker, the locker is no longer treated as a locker but a hook
  • While in stored in the locker the survivor has no aura to other teammates
  • Teammates and killer will see the survivor's icon be a locker icon when stored in a locker
  • each time a survivor reaches 33% (1/3) percent of their hook progression they are spit out from the locker automatically and receive 5 seconds of invulnerability
  • a teammate may rescue a person from a locker so they can escape faster but the person stored in the locker still receives the hook progression penalty
  • You will receive notification if a survivor is spit from / is recused from a locker (like escaping from a hook)

Hex: Lost Treasure:

  • Each time a survivor hides in a locker you hear a ding and receive a token (30 sec CD)
  • 2 Tokens: when with 5/10/15 meters of a locker you will see a survivors aura who is hiding in a locker
  • 3 Tokens when a survivor chooses to exit a locker you will see their aura 5/7/10 seconds and they will also have the exposed status effect for 5/7/10 seconds
  • 5 Tokens when a survivor enters a locker you will know the exact locker they enter, if a survivor was garbed from a locker they may be mori'ed


  • MystocMystoc Member Posts: 54

    apparently editing a post makes it disappear, won't be the editing post for a while but feedback is still welcome hope you like the killer concept guys!

  • BlavenBlaven Member Posts: 6

    I actually really enjoy this concept, although if we take what Bricky/TydeTyme agree on, is that the Killer not having something for the chase will severely hurt them tier-wise.

    That being said, I love the idea of using the lockers for teleportation, as it gives the survivors another reason to be wary of using them. Given that the Boogeyman's exiting of lockers makes a loud bang though, it brings to mind the Hag's teleport, although with less of a requirement. Given the ability to teleport to occupied lockers, I could see this Killer being really powerful in countering stealth to off-set his lack of chase power.

    Perhaps he gets a unique grab when he teleports to an occupied locker, one that leads into a free hook given that the lockers are also given the role of hooks with this Killer, or more specifically, one of his perks. I imagine the grab only kicking in when the survivor tries to leave. Dwight steps out of the locker quietly, which is covered in a black aura (as all lockers are, to let players know who they're up against while also giving no indication which one the Boogeyman is currently in), he looks back and forth before fully stepping out of the locker only for the Boogeyman's claw to reach out of the black abyss inside the locker and pull him back in. This would also act as a free hook, with the Boogeyman stepping back out and the survivor's pained whimpers heard coming from within the locker with the entity's tendrils beginning to sprout forth from the ground around it.

    A glaring problem with this killer though, is the fact that he requires the survivors to want to use lockers. Most survivors are bound to just use Exhaustion perks to try and create distance rather than hide in something that could potentially bring them to the dying state if discovered. This makes his ability to mind game, while hiding in lockers a bit weak, as most survivors will just work on generators while there's no terror radius (I main Pig, so when I'm crouching I always see a survivor working on a generator or come out of hiding behind rocks/walls/etc to work on one).

    Looking at the perks, Lost & Found's second and third ability rely on either Franklin's Demise or a survivor dying/dropping an item, so while not impossible, it is a bit unlikely to happen so that perk wouldn't see too much play. The aura reading on chests is great as is, although I would add a requirement like when they're within terror radius or outside of it. Meaning that killers like Wraith, Pig and Boogeyman (When inside lockers) would need to 'decloak' to get its full effect.

    Personally, I think that the Boogeyman should actually not have hooks, rather using lockers in their place. Finders Keepers should just be a Boogeyman ability with no perk requirement. That being said, if this was given to other Killers, granting them a massive boost in the number of usable hooks, then we'd need to remove the aura reading debuff. Being unable to see where a fellow survivor is hooked and letting them be freed at 33%/66% means that it is simply better to let them remain in the locker while the remaining survivors work on generators. Since why would you bother not working on a generator when the survivor is going to free themselves anyways? But taking away that penalty makes the ability useless to any killer. I think that this teachable perk needs some serious work, although I love it as an ability for the Boogeyman alone.

    Hex: Lost Treasure, to me, seems like a much more situational Hex: Devour Hope. While still being a Hex perk and removable, it requires that the survivors do something very specific, rather than the Killer doing anything to earn that fifth token and mori.

    All in all, I love the concept and could even see this killer being in the game, although with his perks touched up a bit.

  • troopancaketroopancake Member Posts: 1

    isn't Micheal Myers considered "The Boogeyman"

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