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i'm legit losing it, mate/HOST UNREACHABLE

it's been well over a month since i can't play normal.

did all i could - opened ports i know of, changed some router settings, reinstalled the game, verified files, every time after the error going to Store page. restarting, going to Archive - literally nothing works. there is no algorithm of getting the error either.

yesterday was worst day of them all. during different time of the day to join survivor or killer game i've succeeded to get a lobby maybe 20% of all the attempts. more on killer side too.

both my survivor and killer are rank 1 rn, pc, Moscow, Russia. lobbies overall don't take very long to send me to loading screen it's just the error that keeps cucking me.

still no recognition from BHVR side, nothing solved here on forums. i don't know what the [BAD WORD] to do. i need to grind the Archives cause in a bit i'll be busy with marriage and moving to another country.

i'm literally addicted. as in i can stop playing any time surely lol but since i have time and nothing better to do rn there is no point in stopping. and tbh it keeps me sane too, i need this distraction to not freak out about moving to a country with a completely different basically even rival culture where i am not welcomed because of my nationality AND ethnicity as well.

the tier would be much higher if i could fukin play =/

i just want to play, man, it's all i have for now. i don't like other games or activities.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,376

    Did you say you're in russia?

    The reason I ask is because I have seen users from that area complaining of connection issues.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065

    This crap isn't only happening in Russia. It's been happening pretty much since the Demogorgon patch. I wish people would stop blaming this on network issues when it only started happening after a specific patch and multiple people from multiple parts of the world have complained about it.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    i've said it in my post

    >both my survivor and killer are rank 1 rn, pc, Moscow, Russia

    i know it's an error in Russia, Middle East and Argentina.

  • n1mAnarchn1mAnarch Member Posts: 32

    I have the same issue. I've lost count of how many times I've submitted a ticked or created a discussion about it. I'm playing from Middle-East. BHVR seems to not give a damn about us.

  • sherzslayersherzslayer Member Posts: 22

    I get the error frequently too, "connection to the host could not be established", guess its the same meaning. Other than this error, i get save game error or just unknown error sometimes. Got these errors after past few patches, but somehow not many people are complaining about them....

    I play in south-east asia, singapore servers.

  • SilentSpectreSilentSpectre Member Posts: 773

    Try verifying game files

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    dude, you haven't even read first two lines of my post as it seems

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    as an addition to the post:

    i've tried using my phone hotspot as an alternative network.

    in past before ST chapter i used it couple times and had decent games as survivor. some lag, surely, upload/download speed is like around 30mbps. but still i was able to play.

    my phone operator is TELE2. based in Sweden. my home internet is MGTS based in Moscow. i still got Host Unreachable with my phone hotspot. so it literally can't be my provider, man. besides, i never have same issues with any other online game. i sometimes log on to GMod, Hunt:Showdown, theHunter: Call of the Wild, Deceit, the Forest. no problems in connecting to p2p or games' servers.

    this is most definitely some DbD issue, it's not on my side

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    in support literally today they told me:

    >users connecting with Bouygues, Etisalat or Saudi Telecom may experience errors.

    no explanation though.

    they also said:

    >Network restrictions in China and Russia, VPN/firewalls/school and office networks may cause issues as well.

    while i have no issues with other games and haven't had any problem with connecting to DbD for a year and a half that i play.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    dude, i have this error for over a month. i've reinstalled the game and verified the files close to 15 times for that time. it is not on my side.

    there is a light pattern of when i mostly get this error. if i queue as killer and it's morning - i wait for a long time and get frequent errors. because in my region red rank killers play a lot in the morning. in the evening if i queue as survivor i wait for at least 4-6 minutes and then get the error. i'd get a game 3 times out of 10 that i try to queue.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,376

    Doesn't matter if your mobile is a sweedish telecoms company. It'll be connecting to russian antenna's, if that's where you're physically located, and therefore pushing you to the russian dedicated servers.

    The REASON I asked that, is because I wanted to confirm that's the case, because then I can raise it as an issue with russian dedi's (have done the same for middle east, as an FYI). You're right that it's nothing you can fix, unless you want to use a VPN (which I don't recommend as steam can get annoyed about that) and it absolutely needs to be something done on DbD's end.

  • sherzslayersherzslayer Member Posts: 22

    I play from singapore and i have lots of errors after the last patches too, (connection to host could not be established, lots of unknown errors, infinite loading screen), already verified integrity of game files many times. I also believe that its on DBD's end, nothing wrong with my connection here....

  • Albedo94Albedo94 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2019

    So yeah, I get the same error and I'm in Russia too. The game was literally unplayable until I tweaked my router settings (see the attached screenshot, I hope it helps). I still get the error maybe 30% of the time, but at least now I can, you know, PLAY. So while not a solution, it will definitely do as a quick temporary fix. I hope devs do something about it. No offense, but come on! DBD is the only game I've ever had such an issue with. And what's more frustrating is that this happens during the event and I want to be playing and farming bp's, serum and my sweet luscious rift fragments and not wasting half the time searching for matches and getting this error over and over again :(

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  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    i've done this whole thing https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1903015219

    didn't help.

    it was bad before midchapter and got worse after it.

    texted the support again, they gave me same crap:

    also i managed to get 2 games just now after 3-4 HU errors. in one someone dc'd on loading screen, another one i got kicked with rank update error.

  • Albedo94Albedo94 Member Posts: 2

    Yep, the first thing I did was to set everything up according to this guide and it didn't help at all, but changing the router settings as shown on my screenshot seems to have helped at least partially.

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