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30 seconds cooldown for night shroud is insanely too long

I absolutely adore ghostface, but using add-ons that makes the cooldown of night shroud shorter are a MUST HAVE.

I don't see the points of using the victim's detailed routine and the driver license since it only reduce the distance you can be spotted, and not how much the survivors must see to reveal you, so kind of pointless,

Those that make marking survivors faster when not leaning are alright, but not the best ones.

Same thing for duration add-ons.

Movement speed when stalking are absolutely pointless.

Movement speed when crouch are meh at best.

Outdoor security carema is not worth it.

Ghostface caught on tape can be alright if you only want to stalk.

And killer instict duration is not worth using.

So what's left?

Power recovery add-ons, which are without a doubt the best add-ons for ghostface

30 seconds cooldown is insanely long, and having to use 1-2 add-ons to make your power recover faster just means every other add-ons aren't as useful as the other ones, he works at best when he's in night shroud so not having add-ons that decrease the 30 seconds is a bad idea, the fact survivors never know where you are makes you strength, and when you get a survivor either in 1 hit or a chase, you don't have the time to recover you power before you reach survivors or at least ebfore they hear your terror radius, which will make them walk away even if you use it 3 seconds after, and same during a chase, with 30 seconds you can't use it mid chase to mind game and get them mid loop, you can't do this without those add-ons.

So if night shroud would take 20 seconds instead of 30, we could see different kind of add-ons on ghostface isntead of always seeing these,

Of course if it goes down to 20 seconds these add-ons would also be changed too, like 3-4-5 seconds shorter,

If it would be 20 seconds, these add-ons wouldn't be a must anymore, yes they would still be really good, but not a necessity as they are now.

A good buff to ghostface, 20 seconds recovery instead of 30 seconds.

Thanks for reading


  • survivormain1105survivormain1105 Member Posts: 327

    I agree whole heartedly

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    I mean, if you run both the pen and victims detailed route, that's a 16 second cooldown. He's like the wraith on steroids.

  • 2Khours2Khours Member Posts: 158

    it's true that ghostface is a better version of wraith, but i'd like to use other add-ons that just cooldown ones, that's the point of my post

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    If I was in charge of things I would make night shroud come back twice as fast but make his exposed effect last 20 seconds everytime instead of whatever it is now.

    Also I'll make it so if you are not fully stalked over time your stalk bar will deteriorate. 99% stalk after 30 seconds will then be 96% or something similar.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 551

    I think the current CD on it is fine given how strong his stealth actually is. I do wish Ghostfaces would stalk, but in general it's just more optimal to run an anti-heal hit-and-run build.

  • SaintDenisSlasherSaintDenisSlasher Member Posts: 227

    I just recently noticed this because because normally i stay in night shroud until i find someone, stalk or Chase and then by the time im done its recharged. When that doesn't happen though it's just kind of like #########.

    It's annoying but also a powerful ability, i think its fine how it is

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