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What’s up with people lately?

I just wanted to casually play dbd today and I played for 10 matches.

8 out of 10 of the matches a mori was used.

9 out of 10 matches I was tunneled.

5 out of the 8 matches with moris were ebony.

No perks were used to mori.

I survived 1 out of 10 of the rank 10 matches.

Not sure if this is normal or if killers are going all out now but it’s not fun.

I want to protect moris and say it’s cool a killer can be a killer.

Now though it seems every killer has one when it’s designed to be rare use.

I can’t support something that ruins the game for survivors and encourages tunneling.

Especially if you looped the killer for 3 minutes and your teammates did squat, then your downed and moried. It seems cheap that someone used an offering to ensure your death or that you couldn’t escape.

Ive never used a key before but it sounds like it robs the killer of kills they should’ve earned, a mori does the same thing it robs the survivor of their fair chance to escape.

Im not sure what needs to be done about moris but they can’t stay like this if they are used on a average basis instead of a rare one.

I’d say it would be fine for it to be super rare or changed up some way like hook everyone first or something.




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