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Make generator times a bit longer

They go by way to fast and uber fast with prove thyself. I suggest making it 100 seconds to repair a generator instead of 80 and make generator regression perks less, but still have the same effect from before.

Pop Goes The Weasel right now decreases the generator by 25% or 20 seconds, but with this new variation it would regress it by 20%, but it would still have the generator lose 20 seconds.

For Hex: Ruin (At Max) when you hit a good skillcheck you lose 4 seconds on it so this would change to a regression of 4%, but it would still lose 4 seconds on progress + the time after hitting it.


  • EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 340

    The gen times are not an issue imo unless ineficancy penalty is removed, however ×% base regression should be a thing and gen tapping needs to go; that would be a great start. Ruin and PGTW are symptoms to this issue so they shouldnt need to be altered/adjusted either. Another suggestion i have is to make the totems a significant factor. Where the killer can mori survivors if they are not cleansed by the time exit gates are powered

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    Lol if they gen tap it goes even slower than not gen tapping. Gen tapping goes 50% slower while if you stayed on it it would be 70% - 80% slower

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,877
    edited November 13

    They can't adjust gen times because there are so many slowdown perks it would just amplify their power. If bhvr wishes to adjust the base game length they need to adjust each slowdown perk that exists. The way things are going though, they're just digging a deeper hole for themselves.

  • GarciaGarcia Member Posts: 41
    edited November 13

    Gen tapping is terrible, but useful if the killer is camping directly to your direction and he has ruin. (that means your skill check won't stop spamming, but you don't care because u are GT). Plus if you are a rookie gen tapping against doctor or ruin is better then explode the gen, and to the gen tapping gets more productive you need to find a place where the killer doesn't do his rounds often, like avoiding facing to the middle of the map, that means you probably slowed the difference from 70 % - 80 % to 20 - 25 % (like you said)

  • GarciaGarcia Member Posts: 41
    edited November 13

    Exactly the game is based on the generator time. Move it down or up would need a re-balance in all the game, that takes time. Time that could be spent on better things. Like fire extinguishers... hehe

    If the survivor want to rush, bring a hell of a toolbox

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