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(Joke) Nightmare Before Christmas Chapter Concept

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
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I dunno what I was thinking when I made this, I was just inspired by listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. : P

Killer: Lock, Shock, and Barrel (Boogie's Boys):

Lore: after Boogie was defeated by jack, they may have looked happy at the end, but since their evil nature wasn't condoned under Jack, they began to despair. They started to hear whispers of Boogie deep in the forest, and desperately chased it never to be seen again. Now they have a truely evil master in the form of the Entity.

Power: Bag o' tricks.

You can alternate between the three of them by jumping in a locker and pressing a button. Each have their own utility, and all can be active at once.

Lock: His devilish trap is a miniature explosive, one capable of stunning survivors who pass by them. It also causes extreme pain, injuring them in the process. Basically: a trip mine that causes the deafening effect similar to the Disfigured ear. This causes disorientation as their movement will be slowed as well. He can refill these at chests, and can only carry 8.

Shock: This Witch has a trick up her sleeve. In the form of hostile Scorpions. She can add them to interactable objects (pallets, gens, chests, and lockers). These will cause hindered for 30 seconds and cause 1 state of damage if they aren't taken care of immediately. She can place 10 on the map at any given time. She will get them back after their triggering, and can replace them at any time.

Barrel: This skeleton wannabe can wrap chains around downed survivors, making them unable to be useful in the wider game until they're taken off (unable to interact with gens/chests/pallets until they're off). Keys can be found in jack in the boxes around the map (similar to the Pig) and Key items can be used to unlock them as well. 10 charges of a key are needed to take off the chains (which uses a purple key, and 1 third of a red key).

Carrying animation: Two will come out to carry the survivor, while the third is a guard.

Mori: All of them come together to beat them to death.


Witches Brew: You know what can cause the most pain. Your weapon is slathered with a witches' brew, that causes Hindered for 30 seconds.

Explosive Personality: When you hook a survivor, you can get 1 token. When you M1 a pallet with 2 tokens, you can break it instantly.

Enshacked Loyalty: Every time you miss an attack on a survivor, the more furious you become, and the more progress is drained from a gen when you kick it. Every missed attack on a survivor you gain a token. You spend all tokens kicking a gen. You can acquire a maximum of 8 tokens to destroy 80% of current gen progress.

Survivor: Sally 

Lore: Even if nothing truly bad has happened to her, she still was drawn deep into the woods in search of herbs and was never seen again.


Reassemblage: Your understanding of the human body is remarkable. Healing Skill check success zones increased by 200%, but good skill checks are decreased by 100%. Skill checks are also 50% more frequent.

Mad Creation: Bourne of a world of the unnatural and strange, but finding human traits of love and passion, you are able to recognize and combat the evil of any form. For every 10 seconds of repairing a gen, you gain 1 token. You can spend 3 to ignore one entity blocker.

Reawaken: You have an unmatched durability. After rescuing 3 survivors, this perk will activate. If you are mori'd this perk will be deactivated, and you will be protected from death. You will be able to come back to the game after 60 seconds of being mori'd. You will be broken for 60 seconds.

What do others think?

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  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 431

    ..... Y tho?

    It's a bloody Christmas/Halloween movie, and it's for children.

    Just.... Y tho.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Because... why not? That movie isn't all just light heartedness and christmas cheer. Maybe it's because I like the movie and thought of a way to combine two things I like into one?

    It's just a concept...

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 431

    "Looks like the kids are tearing up my guts, and somehow got me onto the hook. Oh well!"

    Yeah I kinda doubt people will like this. They are essentially cartoon characters being brought into real life.

    It's ######### up further by the fact that A: The Killer is a group of children. CHILDREN. 10-year olds or younger even! And all bloodied from attacking survivors. And B: They are pretty much the "Trick-or-treaters" in Halloween town, and you want them to kill people...

    If you want a killer that ACTUALLY has a mindset to kill, you're better off using "Oogie Boogie"

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Well, It's just a concept. It's not serious. : P

    Well, how many children have been in horror movies... especially as villians? There have been a few. Look at Brightburn, Pet Semetary, Halloween, or the Ring series... all children as killers. It's not unfeasable to make one. It makes more sense that it'd be a group of them instead of one small one.

    Did you see their personalities? Did you listen to them speak? They're evil in the movie... besides, Boogie's dead at the end of the movie, and wouldn't make sense.

    If you're not going to give feedback to this, then you might as well as not respond.

  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

    I like the idea. You obviously put a lot of hard work and thought into this. Though I'm quite sure this won't make it into the game (and I'm sure you are too by the (Joke) part of the title), I think we could use a killer that can change to different people/forms from an intractable object in the same game. Now for some criticism on your perks tho.

    Overall Criticism: What are the differences between tiers 1 through 3 of all of the perks?

    Killer Perks

    1. Witches Brew: It's nice to have a perk that can do this, but what are the slow percentages? They can't be too high of course, since that would make some killers too strong.
    2. Explosive Personality: I really like this perk. You balanced this one fairly well and it gives a good advantage similar to Spirit Fury.
    3. Enshacked Loyalty: I like this perk as well, but I feel that the most progress that should be taken at once is 40%, so maybe it would work in tiers 1 - 3 like 3%/4%/5% per token.

    Survivor Perks

    1. Reassemblage: I like the idea of only being able to get great skill checks (if that's what you meant), and this seems like a nice way to balance out bringing this perk for it.
    2. Mad Creation: This perk looks fairly good, but would be a nightmare for killers without a max amount of tokens, a longer time, and/or a higher token requirement.
    3. Reawaken: I like the idea that you were going for with this perk, but it seems far too iffy for it to happen, especially since it's only for mories.

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading through this. Though I wasn't a big fan of the movie growing up, my parents got me multiple articles of clothing based on Jack Skellington, so I've begun to grow fond of it.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    This is good feedback. And yes, this is probably never going to make it into the game, even if they are the evilest little scums I've ever seen in a kids movie.

    Although I think my more serious concepts stand a way better chance of getting into the game.

    Witch's brew: I was thinking something similar to Freddy's snares: Not as powerful but still a decent choice. I don't know the exact numbers though, but I'll let you know when I change that.

    Explosive Personality: I'm kind of sick of seeing Spirit Fury/Enduring, and want a perk that can compete with them.

    Enshackled Loyalty:


    Reassemblage: It's only for healing though... but I guess Autodidact does a similar thing except with healing speed.

    Mad Creation: I'm thinking of adding a cap of 3/4/6 tokens per tier.

    Reawaken: It'd give people who complain about them their answer (Just use this perk)... but it's a joke perk for the most part.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Please don't make kids the killer

    Kids are beautiful,wonderful and precious things given to us by God, even if its only a game I will disagree with the idea of kids being the killer

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Well, look at how many children have been in horror movies... especially as villians... There have been a few. Look at Brightburn, Pet Semetary, Halloween, or the Ring series... all children as killers. It's not unfeasable to make one. It makes more sense that it'd be a group of them instead of one small one.

    And why would the entity care about their age?

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I mean, if those three can sing about how to beat, boil, and lock up a person, they're evil. I won't try to convince you otherwise.

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