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What would you rather have from the Archives??

Would you like to play a game? It's called would you rather. For those of you unfamiliar you get to choose one of the two options so please refrain from posts saying we deserve both and how greedy you think BHVR is and how you think they should give us everything we want for free. That's not what this thought experiment is about.

Since many people have expressed their dislike of the archives, I'm curious. . . Would you rather have difficult tome challenges with a rift track that refunds Auric Cells OR easier tome challenges that the majority of players could complete in less time but there are no Auric Cells earned in the rift track?

Those are your two choices. Please don't reply with how much you hate BHVR and how you think they deceived all of the players and how you don't agree with them implementing something that costs money. We have PLENTY of those threads. The time has come to make your choice.


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