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What grants Player XP?

XP is what increases your player level and until now ment very little but with the generation of Rift fragments from player XP I was wondering what actually determines the amount of XP that you get? is it Bloodpoints earned? or is it Emblem based?

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314
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    It's emblem based for the most part. It's determined by how well you do in-game, and as such you're rewarded for your gameplay.

    It says here on the DBD wiki that it's also determined by the amount of time you've spent within the trail itself.

    here's a quote from the wiki.

    Experience points

    Experience Points or XP are how one levels up their account. They are obtained after each trial and are calculated depending on the following factors:

    • Time played in the trial (1 XP = ~1 second)
    • Highest Emblem Quality
      • 18 XP for obtaining at least 1 Iridescent Emblem
      • 12 XP for obtaining at least 1 Gold Emblem
      • 6 XP for obtaining at least 1 Silver Emblem

    There is also a "First Game of the Day" bonus (300 XP), that can be obtained for either side for completing the first trial of the day.


    there are some things here that I wasn't even aware of, like a first game of the day bonus and what not.

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