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Can you make a "Red Ranks" section on the forum?

I've been playing Dead by Daylight since Steam had a free weekend around the Ghostface DLC. I started visiting this forum as soon as it launched and got introduced to this community. It's been. . . interesting. I'm a low ranked player and was interested in learning more about my fellow players. The thing that's really stood out is how unpleasant interacting with red ranked players can be.

It's clear from all the "What rank are you?" replies to comment that many of them think they are more important than the rest of the community. They are dismissive of other's experiences, they constantly bully the developers, they have the most entitled viewpoints, and they often encourage toxicity within the community. They believe the game should be balanced solely around their experience. They refuse to deviate from their precious "meta build" and wonder why they only face the same three killers. They are constantly espousing demands and ultimatums and seem to try to stir up animosity if they don't get what they want. They claim all the bad habits in the game have been encourage by streamers even though they are constantly justifying why it's ok for their unsportsmanlike conduct.

So, is it possible to split the General Discussions section. Into "Ranks 1-8" and "Ranks 9-20"? This way the high rank people have a place to air their grievances and everyone else can have a place to express opinions without being dismissed, railroaded, or down right insulted. Thanks for your consideration.


  • Lost_in_the_FogLost_in_the_Fog Member Posts: 451

    I would like to say that I know not all Red Rank players are totally toxic. It's just some of the most toxic stuff I see comes from those who flaunt their redness.

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Member Posts: 4,526
    edited November 2019

    A diversion like this would split the community even more and cause more tension. The forum is a place everyone is allowed to frequent and they're allowed to comment in any sub forum as long as it fits the topic.

    We have a sub forum for guides which new players can frequent and try to learn from.

    Ask The Community is another sub forum to help guide new players and assist them in understanding how the game operates.

    If anyone makes fun of anyone due to their rank and it breaks the tules, they'll be punished.

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