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Legion Needs a Rework

After Legions nerf the only time i've played against a Legion was shortly after his nerf and that was when players were testing him out. After freddy got his rework i saw and continue to see him being played consistently and i was glad another killer was added to the roster as a killer that is played frequently. The main reason i want Legion to be reworked is because i want a more broad range of killers being played at lower ranks. His power has great potential i just don't think after his rework that its very useful. His power (like all other killers) has potential to be viable.


  • FengMinEqualsWinFengMinEqualsWin Member Posts: 91

    I agree I would like to have more viable killers!

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I rarely see Legion nowadays and when I do I am only scared of them when they don't use their FF, pretty bad when you know their power is so bad that it's their M1 that freaks you out.

    I love Legion and their changes went too far, hopefully they get a respectable change soon and not something that guts them even further.

  • SusieMainBTWSusieMainBTW Member Posts: 5

    I main legion and I can play in red ranks fairly well as them but a rework would be nice. The main issue with legion in my opinion is they give legions frenzy them same kind of cool down nurses blinks have.

    Legion: Can stab enemies and injure them but lose the ability to see scratch marks and missing the stab will put you in a massive stun and the frenzy is on a short timer with only 2% increase moment speeds.

    Nurse: Has the ability to teleport through walls, far distances, and is the strongest power in the game.

    Either frenzy needs the ability to down again or they need a full rework.

    The butchering of legion is why I think people are scared of the devs touching spirit.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 681

    I only play Legion for the daily challenge, and it's just not that fun. They feel confusing and underwhelming to play as.

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