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As always, overkill nerf

2Khours2Khours Member Posts: 158
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Behavior has no idea when to stop with the nerfs, it takes them 1 month for a nerf but 2 years for a buff,

And when they buff it's something really small, but when they nerf it's massive, every single time, first it was legion, then it was nurse, and now it's spirit,

Collission removal, ok, fine!

Vault animation, PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! but fair i guess since every other killer has one, but still a pain in the ass.

Activation add-on, just being a pain in the ass, why nerf these? just why?

The Yakuyoke Amulet, freaking why? 3.5 seconds extra for loosing 15% speed? that's an overkill nerf, what the hell are you thinking? it could have been 3 commons in 1 instead of 2 uncommons, why the overkill?

The wakizashi and the tsuba , why nerf the tsuba? yea sure the wakizashi needed one i agree, but not the tsuba.

you need to stop doing overkill nerfs, look at the nurse now, for sure it doesn't affect the spirit base kit that much, but some changes are really annoying when they weren't an issue.

I really start to feel like you only want we hate you, why you do so much to make us hate you behavior? you don't seem to know how to balance your own game, you take so much and give so little, maybe play more than 5 hours a month to your game and maybe you could balance it better.

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