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New Killer/Chapter Idea

Chapter: Abandoned Forever

Killer: The Wendigo

Terror Radius: 16 meters

Speed: 4.7 m/s

Appearance:  A tall terrifying figure with a dear skull for a face and the skin of the animals

Weapon: Ancient Spear

An ancient spear used by the wendigos ancestors in the aztec war, which has now been cursed by the wendigos evil 

Killer Power: Xavier’s Recurve Bow - The Wendigo has the ability to shoot an arrow at a survivor, if the survivor is hit they are inflicted with the Hindered status effect and they have to go through a difficult skill check to pull the arrow out.

If the killer misses the arrow he is stunned for 3 seconds 

This power has a cool down of 35 seconds 


Level 30: Necrophobia - Every time a survivor get sacrificed/killed, all survivors left take 2/3/5% longer to do things

“Oh God… he manipulates us by torturing our team” - Survivor 

Level 35: Immense Hunger - Your fear of losing you pray enrages you; every time a generator is completed your speed is increased by 5/8/12% and your terror radius disappears for 10 seconds

“No! I can’t let them escape as I fear losing my prey such as I lost my family…””. - The Wendigo 

Level 40: Hex: Sacrificial Training - a hex that affects the speed of in which the hook sacrifices players.

As long as the hex is not cleansed 3 random hooks are chosen and their sacrificing speed is increased by 4/7/9%

I much so have to complete the sacrifice or the entity will be upset” - The Wendigo 

Lore: Abandoned as a child Xavier was left off to explore the Aztec empire on his own. Nobody wanted him so he’d have to sleep on the streets on his own and steal food from others. He was never caught, so people didn’t speculate anything of him, just a tall eerie boy. He spent most of his free time watching the priests sacrificing and dissecting body’s, little did he know would be useful later on. He’d help around by hunting animals for food.

After time passed had started to wander off meeting new people that could give him information. After finding out where his family’s location was he decided to do the worst. He stole his Grandpa’s spear from the armory and headed to kill his family. A few hours pass and the townspeople have already found the body’s. Fortunately, He gets caught and chased down by the villagers, he runs into the woods and can’t find his way out. 

By now Xavier has been lost in the woods for at least a day, he’s starving and all he has is his spear. He decided to try to hunt for food but has no luck, until he see’s a person walking through the woods alone. With no choice left he pulls out the spear and kills the man. From there on he started louring in people to eat them, his humane side is gone and he becomes a Wendigo.

After 2 years or so he’s made his own little life in these woods and has nothing left to do, he knows they’ll try to kill him but they’ll fail now that he’s immortal. Suddenly, he hears whispers as if they were lost souls talking to him. He follows the whispers and out of nowhere he falls unconscious and wakes up in a new realm ready with fresh survivors to hunt.


  • NoOneEscapesNancyNoOneEscapesNancy Member Posts: 204

    Thoughts? Anyone?

  • TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 72

    I'm not sure if the arrow he shoots injures the survivor, but if so it looks to simply be a better version of the Huntress. The first perk and third perks are pretty situational and don't make much of a difference, but the second perk seems like it could be VERY powerful. If the arrow actually injures a survivor then it makes the huntress useless. Also, the fact that the arrow hinders the survivor means that the clown is now useless too. If the power was reworked to make it an ALTERNATIVE to the clown and huntress, then it could work out well.

  • NoOneEscapesNancyNoOneEscapesNancy Member Posts: 204

    The arrow doesn’t injure the survivor, also do you have any suggestions?

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    The power is incredibly weak. I like the time, but it should probably be 20 seconds instead of 35. The arrow should also only injure, and probably reveal the aura of the Survivor hit for 3 seconds, with addons to cause different effects, decrease time, decrease stun, etc.

    The lines under the perks themselves are terribly blunt. Leave things out, talk like someone actually would, make them vague if you want them to be like the ones in the game.

    Necrophobia is cool, but I think it could be better if you change the definition a little, like make it the fear OF death and not the fear of dead people. It should probably slow down a Survivor's action speeds every time they're hooked (4/8/12% decreased per hook for example.) Also the concept of the line underneath is cool, but maybe "Don't get caught, don't be useless." And attribute it to one of the notes in the game itself.

    Immense Hunger is amazing. Just needs a speed decrease from what it is to probably 3/4/5%. The line underneath is even better than the first one, but would definitely be better if there wasn't a story written underneath. Possibly change it to, "No! Don't leave again damnit!" Or something.

    Sacrificial Training just needs to effect halve of the hooks (not including basement hooks) and increase sacrifice speed by 9/12/15%. This is a Hex perk after all, make it op or else it's bad. For the line underneath this one, possibly, "So much to do and so little time..."

    I won't comment on the lore itself, as I more or less review and not critique. I couldn't care less about lore on these forums, I'm just here to help people improve the content, and not the flavoring.

    Thank you for reading this.

  • NoOneEscapesNancyNoOneEscapesNancy Member Posts: 204

    Thanks @Critical_Fish ! ALSO I DID THE FEAR OF DEAD BODIES BECAUSE THE FEAR OF DEATH WAS ALREADY TAKEN BY THANATOPHOBIA (Sorry for the capitals my thing messed up for a second)

    and I’m kinda mixed on wether the arrow should do damage or not because as the guy above stated it would make the huntress useless

    and I guess hex perks are supposed to be op...

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    It wouldn't make huntress op since it has a set timer. That's why the aura revealing is there, since you cant chuck arrows around like you can hatchets. 5 hatchets should equal 1 arrow.

    Also it's terror radius should be 34 because of the arrow, or 32 depending on the range.

    Also it could be an alternative to Thanatophobia in that respect.

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