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The most important Spirit change didn't happen



  • JacksonWiseJacksonWise Member Posts: 619
    edited November 2019

    01:05:06 - 1:08:00

    Louis Mclean discusses the main issues the community had with the nurse and the specific goals they intended to reach with the changes (whether you believe they were met or not is up to you).

    This makes it hard for me to believe that he just glossed over giving the spirit a tell for when she activates her power since that is EASILY the most requested change for spirit. They more than likely considered it but were not satisfied with the results it brought during testing, or it severely hurt her more than any of the other nerfs she was given. To compensate, they made other adjustments to her power that people complained about and addressed the most problematic add-ons.

    I think the changes so far are going to balance her out while still making her a strong killer with an even higher skillcap now. I would encourage the community to at least see how the changes fare on the PTB first (if not a few months after so that players can properly adapt) before requesting more changes.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,469

    A tell or notification for phasing like the survs imagine it would kill the spirit, rendering any mindgame useless.

  • JacksonWiseJacksonWise Member Posts: 619

    Removing her collision will already make her harder to play while also giving the survivors more counterplay. It may already be enough. A tell for when she starts phasing on top of that would more than likely be too much.

  • tylerlogsdon1tylerlogsdon1 Member Posts: 158

    Spirit has the woosh noise that is no longer silent with prayer beads. She always has an audio cue for when she phases. Don't know what OP is on but it's hard to miss.

  • NumB_16NumB_16 Member Posts: 78

    Not if youre on her terror radius. Thats why she can stand still at a pallet and spirit mains call it a MiNdGaMe

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 610
    edited November 2019

    Exactly. Many good players already mentioned that. It is good they changed the vault animation but the main issue is still her power when used in terror raduis. You just can't tell what's shes doing and you have to guess while all she has to do is wait and look what you do and just punish you. Not to mention with the last new map that is horrible btw in general and all the unsafe pallets on it for her it will be like a childgame to get you on any pallet you try to stay on. And it is so clear here how many people don't even know how she works and what is the problem but yet try to argue it is kinda funny and sad at the same time. Just look at this tylerlogsdon1 guy above ... completely clueless

    Collision is only a thing for bad players with her or for when you use prayer beads and you want to yoink. That is the only time I rely on collision when I play her - for insta grabs. Otherwise it is sound

    What they have to do is somehow manage the sound on survivors and how good she can hear them. Esp the new survivors are so noisy its ridiculous. Maybe the sound should be the same when in certain range /very close/ so that she cant tell if you are here or there. Same way we cant tell which way the huntress is coming from now. Or maybe make the sound limited - every few second u hear something. Or maybe make vaults sounds silent for her ... There are many possible things to try. Or just tell us when she uses her power. Even though her power is really stupid in the way that u can cancel it and yet you don't deplete it even though u used a bit. So you can recharge it really fast again

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    at 4:12 you can see her animation reset the moment she started phase walking

  • DerpDerp Member Posts: 157

    Uhh no, I didn't say that at all. I'm saying the ones with Spirit profile pics comes off as biased. Also, he isn't being stubborn because he wasn't proven wrong.

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