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Slowing the game down idea

JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432
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Instead of slowing the game down at the beginning how about we slow it towards the end?

This scenario would only happen if killer gets X amount hooks before 4th gen is finished. (For now lets say 6 hooks).

If there are 4 survivors left by the time 4th gen is done. All remaining gens are blocked and regress until there are 3 survivors left.

There are 2 sacrificial altars on the opposite sides of the map. A survivor can use it to get half of the escape points (2500) so the other 3 can live. In the mean time killer can mori first survivor they down. In the mean time killer can continue to hook people until someone dies.

I feel like its a good idea especially when you are doing your best as a killer and gens keep going being done pretty fast.

Idk, tell me what you think.

Peanits mentioned what if someone is AFK. That rarely happens. In last year i can think of 2 times where killers were afk (Hag and Pig) Regardless you get some points.

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  • JakojoJakojo Member Posts: 198

    If you want free kills like that for not pressuring survivors at gens enough take NOED.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    You realise that you cant be on top of every survivor. Even injuring them doesnt stop them from doing gens. On top of it its harder to be cocky when you are missing one person.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432
    edited November 2019

    I sometimes find myself in a situation when i hooked everybody twice and then they finish the last gen and escape because there is no way for me to do anything about it.

    Well how about you dont get free the mori but game cant continue until one person is dead?

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    How is it a free kill? If they sacrifice themself i get nothing?

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    Well its better to put it about there and find out you where wrong then never put it out.

  • XergeXerge Member Posts: 924

    One thing I've noticed is that genrushers do not heal. Maybe you could slowndown gen speed if you are repairing while being injured and/or put smaller skillchecks, but the devs would have to rework resilience and such.

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    If it is a party game and not a competitive game like you have said, then what harm is it?

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,427

    The idea behind this I understand but this is suicidal for the games health...

  • SoloQue101SoloQue101 Member Posts: 25

    As a solo player, this is a horrible idea. This punishes survivors for staying alive and doing the objective

  • UncannyLuckUncannyLuck Member Posts: 210

    Tbh the sacrificial alter idea actually sounds kinda neat. If it gave altruism points and maybe a wglf stack and was nothing at all like what OP suggested it could be fun.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    I am also a solo player. What i hate is seeing our team finish gens fairly quickly and then killer being "forced to" camp the last dude. If he already had one kill he wouldnt be as tilted and it would make it so that killers have less stress.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    I was thinking halv of what you get for escaping in survial category, so 2500.

  • MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 444

    Even though this is slightly better.

    It’s still not fair to the other players that played well.

    They shouldn’t have to die for playing well.

    You should earn your kills by playing well.

    Bring game slowing perks or info giving perks or a mix of both to make your way to victory smoother and more probable especially if you play a killer that has slow mobility and poor map pressure.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    How is it not fair? You either sacrifice yourself and (lets say) get 2500 survival points or you are one of the 3 remaining ones. Doing one gen shouldnt be that hard i have done it before. If you have 3 gen yourself it doesnt help that much if you have one more person.

    Also it would make killers more relaxed. I hate seeing killer get 0 kills because we destroyed his ruin in 15 sec after game started.

    It doesnt matter if you are good as a killer you can go against 4 good survivors.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,427

    The fact that it requires one person to die with no avoiding it..I wouldnt wish that on any player as it's a miserable experiance

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763

    That's not a good idea.

    Noed gets a lot of flack for "rewarding failure" when in reality it just punishes rushing the objective without considering, at the very least, totems.

    This is 100% rewarding failure. You haven't killed anyone with 4 gens down so someone is GUARANTEED to die. That's like saying if 0 gens are done the last survivor can't be downed and the hatch can't be shut.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    Do you think that you could change my idea in a way that it would feel fair?

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    Do you have any plans to make the game longer in any way?


  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763

    Honestly I don't think slowing down the late game is a good solution. The last gen is a crucial point of the game, and where many games turn to the killer's favour already. It's the easiest to defend, pallets are cleared from large areas, and each successful chase can wipe people out of the game and put you even further in control.

    I still believe the issue is the early game where 3 people have almost 0 to do except knock out 60% of the objective almost instantly.

    I'd like to see gens take longer, like 110 seconds, but then for each one completed, that value drops by 10 seconds, so the 4th gen is what we have now, and the 5th is a little faster, but it takes significantly longer to pop a gen at the start of the match when just spamming pallets guarantees 3.

  • MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 444
    edited November 2019

    I probably could, I was gonna comment on your original response to me but my phone deleted it lol.

    So what I would do is

    1:Remove the 1 person has to die

    Optional 2: Perhaps add an additional objective for end game like breakers that survivors need to activate that are next to each generator then link to a master breaker box after the gen is completed ( has to be 2 of them to avoid camping).

    3:More hatch requirements or redesign- I mentioned this a few times now but we could turn the hatch into a mineshaft elevator that goes below ground. You need to power 1-2 gens and repair it like a generator, then you activate it and send 1 survivor down to escape; however, The elevator can’t be called back up without a key.

    Also if the survivors call it for the first time it naturally takes 120 seconds to arrive.

    Keys used-> Green calls the elevator in 180 seconds/ Purple-> calls elevator in 60 seconds/ Pink -> calls elevator instantly or 10 seconds.

    Now the killer can kick the panel on the elevator to stop its progression from being repaired or to pause the call timer and slowly regress it.)

    The survivors have to repress the button after a quick repair action to resume the call.

    In the beginning of the match the elevator is highlighted red like the gens; however, if the elevator is repaired and called the elevator makes a loud buzz noise the gates make, thus makes the elevators aura turn blue or yellow with a sound and on screen notification that the elevator has been called.

    Purpose to give killers and survivors an equal chance to catch/ escape that is more fair and reasonable than the current hatch.

    4: Better map design and balance so poor map presence killers can have at least a fighting chance.

    5: Rework or buff some killers so more killers are viable; however, any good player can make any killer terrifying to verse.

    This all would follow your general guidelines because it slows the game near the end removes stress from a 1v1 endgame and is more fair than the current system.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    The problem with that is: If you make gen times longer it will be even better to do gens separetly. It would of been better if they incentivise doing gens together, since you have to do gens together to get 8k

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763
    edited November 2019

    If you did gens separately with my suggestion, 3 people would each spend 110 seconds doing 3 gens, 330 seconds of survivor time.

    If they did the first one together, it would be (roughly) 110 seconds, then the next would be shorter, then the next would be shorter again, and less overall time would be spent doing gens for each survivor.

    With the risk of being cleared off a gen that takes a lot longer to recover from, it would incentivise working together more.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    Wym if one gen take 110 sec to complete as in one person does a gen in 110 sec. What stands in a way for them to just do 1 person per gen until all of the gens are done?

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    The problem is the reason i suggested it is because if survivors outplayed you there is no comback. Even if you hook one of them there are 3 of them to unhook and then block for eachother.

    Its not very interesting game for the killer. On top of that survivors dont leave game unless you push them out even if they are the only ones left.

    My suggestion made it so that you could kill all or if 4 gens are done. One of the survivors would die (they would get some points if they sacrificed themself in the alter) or killer hooking someone to death. Leaving 3 vs 1. Which is more relaxing because you have one less person to keep track of. On top of it, it would make it harder for survivors to get someone off the hook in the end game.

  • MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 444
    edited November 2019

    I thought my idea was relaxing and Fair because it removes unfair keys And hatch plays that the survivors could use last gen to escape instantly which completely circumvents your idea, and it would slow the game down a little bit and allow more general control for the killer which in turn should be more relaxing.

    It’s fine to want a relaxing/ fun game but you have to keep it fair for the other players.

    Otherwise The other players wouldn’t enjoy it.

    Thus player satisfaction and game health would crumble.

    Also if you get outplayed by survivors then you were outplayed that’s final you have to learn how to adapt to a game that is very strategic.

  • JejuneJejune Member Posts: 432

    The thing about your idea is just removal of keys which wouldnt help situations where there 4 people left regardless of the amount of hooks that happened they 99% all escape beacuse you cant keep track of 3 players while one is unhooked and there is objectives left for survivors.

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