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Is there a benefit to running 1 blink nurse?

akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

It legit feels like playing legion with a worse power. I want to play around more with new nurse but any build variation seems problematic.

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Posts: 7,101
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    Well in-general she required a lot of skill and practice to "git gud" with. Now a days it requires a bit more forward thinking and planning with her blinks than before.

    What I suggested could aid in that issue and even give you something to work with, otherwise, there isn't really much more I can tell you. It is how it is and she can still be used without add-ons, albeit she's more high maintenance now at Red Ranks than before.

    It isn't like Spirit where you have really no downside to your power... but she's getting nerfed too so...


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,101


    You need to learn how to use Nurse outside of two blinks now, since most of the time you'll get a hit on the first two... than get run around because they'll either run off to avoid the first blink or run around structures that obscure the range.

    In-general, Post-Nerf Nurse is problematic for Killers that're learning her... or have no prior experience with her Pre-Nerf version.

    For a standard perk build you'd just use Shadowborne, Infectious Fright, BBQ, and Thantatophobia or Stridor.

    Given her current state... if you don't know how to time her new changes down than don't be afraid to swap Thanto or Stridor out for Ruin or Corrupt Intervention... I don't think anyone would blame you at this point.

    Your best bet for add-ons on Post-Nerf Nurse is to use is the obvious Dark Cincture + Fragile Wheeze combo to lessen the nerf and have faster blink recharges... Despite the PTB nerfing this add-on, it will still help slightly in-game.

    For other add-ons you can try Spasmodic Breath + "Bad Mans" Last Breath for a niche but interesting perk combo... it adds the standard chase speed after a blink hit and gives you 0 Terror Radius at a loop for 16 seconds. Like I said it's niche so it isn't game breaking of course...

    You could also try this very... limiting combo I suppose, that would be Matchbox + Torn Bookmark. This combo focuses on giving Nurse the Huntresses movement speed (almost) and limiting your blinks to where you can see. It's very... interesting I guess? But if you try it at Red Ranks than you'll probably get beat pretty badly... Mostly because not being able to blink behind structures is pretty bad.

    Now this add-on combo relies on previous location and mind-games! Jenner's Last Breath + Catatonic Boy's Treasure is a very "interesting" concept to try as well. Adding CBT with Jenner's Last Breath is an interesting choice, so if you don't want to use CBT than you can swap it out for Fragile Wheeze or something else... Basically, this add-on combo relies on using previous locations to where you blinked to your advantage.

    An old trick that Survivors used was to go back to where the Nurse originally blinked to avoid the first blink... If they try this or do something similar to this at a loop like say... behind a rock, than you can actually blink through the rock and let them loop around the other side to your previous location and get hit through the add-ons ability!

    When using Jenner's Last Breath, you can blink to a location with your first blink and than blink back to where you originally were! You do so by blinking, and than during the chain blink window you press the "Secondary Power Button" (Which is like... CTRL I think or M2) and than you can blink back to where you were before! With CTB you can reduce the fatigue timer by 0.5 seconds if you fail this, than recover for a 1 blink hit if you're able to do so.

    But look, this is basically the reality of her nerf

    Her nerf isn't "noob friendly" like I said above... so your best bet is to learn her new changes and use add-ons to lessen the strain of the nerf like Dark Cincture + Fragile Wheeze.

    You can use other add-ons like Heavy Panting + Fragile Wheeze to increase the blink range and help with chases a bit... but it ultimately relies on you to learn her new charge blink changes.

    When she blinks, it takes 6 full seconds to charge both blinks... during her Fatigue she actually recovers 2 seconds for the 1st blink... so it's more like 4 seconds if you think about it.

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    I've played nurse before, I learned her a year back in purple ranks to learn how to counter her as a survivor in red ranks, somewhat to understand her extended lunge distance out of blink in perspective and mostly to abuse janky blink objects that disrupt her blinks (either overshooting or blocking her). Perks/builds aren't going to help. My issue is that Nurse really just feels like an inefficient Legion and there's really no reason to dedicate relearning her difficult skills and muscle memory for a mediocre or frustrating payout and I already deal with that being a Clown main. If I need to have precise movement and accuracy I'm just gonna play Huntress cause I like her skins better. I understand you're trying to clarify a difficult issue, my issue is that the devs shouldn't make a high skill killer less efficient than lower skilled killers and if they shrink her skill ceiling they should boost her skill floor to compensate and most of her add-ons are not helpful for her skill curve. And honestly if I need to stomp at higher ranks again, Freddy really seems to be king at it since he's Clown with a passive debuff and a teleport.

    TLDR: I'm not gonna GIT GUD again at something the devs broke when there's funner, accessible, and efficient options. That's what Nurse was and is, she requires high skillcap, but her payoff and efficiency is way lower and I've seen this on both ends.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,232

    She's miles stronger than legion still; she still gets to ignore loops. One blink nurse may sound like a gimmick, but for one, it takes survivors by surprise, and two, she can use the blink once she's gotten to a good range for it; she still gets to skip a large portion of the chase with her power.

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    There is strength with it, I think my main issue ist doing things in between the blinks or locating certain survivors and maintaining map pressure. Nurse still has all her old problems and counter plays, she just feels less fluid for someone who had learnt her before. I think I just have issues like most people in this community to adjust to changes, but I enjoyed the Freddy rework and Wraith rework cause they got buffs, this is just clunk added to her kit and strange almost Myeresque add ons that a player has to overcompensate for.

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    I feel like the Devs use a hammer when they should use a scalpel, but I can understand the logic. I didn't mean to come off as rude and I do appreciate the advice, I feel like I just need to voice an issue. I feel like I have to relearn nurse especially when she felt difficult to play from the start and I wish the Devs would make her more accessible and intuitive to play.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,101

    Understandable, I can understand your frustrations.

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