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The Nurse is being ignored

I believe the Nurse nerf was exaggerated.

The (new) Nurse is uncomfortable and unfun (to everyone in the match), thats a fact. She is, of course, still strong (less than post-nerf Spirit IMO) but I don't think ANYONE in the match, killer or survivor, has fun playing with her. She was hard to control if you were new, and now is incredibly harder and incredibly weaker, why?

I mained her some months ago, I had my fun and I was really good with her til I started maining Huntress. Came back to her and I just can't believe how unfun she is, like really. I prefer to play Legion against a coordinated SWF than Nurse.

She is still the lowest killer in the game, but you're now forced to walk 90% more than before, why don't give her 110% movement speed?

I can't even start to imagine what would it be playing Nurse on maps like Hawkins, I doubt you have a chance against average survivors.

And now shes just been left to die... Devs havent said a word after her nerf. Are you still monitoring her to see how she performs? I think it might be too early yet, but still, a word from the devs would be very welcome.



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