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The Puppet - The Creation From Mutilation Chapter

CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871
edited October 6 in Creations

There are 4 core ideas behind the ability of the killer.

  • Map Traversal
  • Fair On Loops
  • Jumpscare Potential
  • Potential For Multiple Builds


Marc Richards was a family man who owned his own puppet store. He ran the stop during the week and at the weekends did puppet shows to help advertise his business. He created some puppets for children, life size ones for others. The shop never made tons of money but he didn't mind because he loved his job. That was until he got drunk one night and had an affair. Full of guilt he told his wife and she was furious. She told him that she was leaving him and she was taking the kids with her. He thought she would forgive him due to his honestly and noticeable remorse but she was having none of it. After seeing the divorce papers in the letterbox and that bills were beginning to pile up, he began drinking. He had hit rock bottom.

All of a sudden he began to become more angry, upset with his wife wondering how she could leave him. Even though he did the right thing by being honest with her. "Everyone makes mistakes" he thought, making himself more angry with every passing thought. He looked at a puppet he was creating for his wife for their anniversary. It was designed to be the same height as her and was meant to look exactly like her. He promised himself he was going to create a more realistic puppet of her, one that shown how he sees her now.

He would go out to bars and stalk women. Anyone who looked like his wife was a target. He would watch them go home and when the moment was right he would attack them, strangling them outside. He took something from each of his victims to add to his creation. The hair from the first victim was jet black and long, just like his wife's. The second victim he took her teeth because her smile reminded him of his wife. He gave the puppet one hand, the other being a sharp, wooden spike. The spike was used to represent how she stabbed him in the heart. He didn't care about covering his tracks, he never cared about hiding any evidence. After being made a suspect the police went to confront him at his shop. After a few questions about where he was the night of the murders, he began to become nervous. The voice in his head told him the end was near and he must act now. He then grabbed his gun from under the counter but took 2 shots to the chest, dying almost immediately. The police began to collect evidence from his shop but never found his puppet, the masterpiece he had been working on.

Marc wakes up in a dark forest. He begins to stand up but feels weird, he feels light headed but also feels slightly taller. He looks down to his hands, they are made of wood and one now being a sharp, wooden spike. He then remembered what happened, how he died in his shop and begins to realise that his new body is one of his own creation. He knows he should be dead but has been spared. He has been given a greater purpose in life, he will now serve his new master and do as he wishes.


Arm is sharpened into a wooden spike.

Terror Radius:

32 metres


4.6 m/s

Ability: Corpses Of Hatred

The Entity will spawn 5 puppets onto the map, with one being controlled by the killer. Only one puppet can be controlled at any given time, the other 4 will remain immobile but will still be on the map.

The Puppet being controlled by the killer will have:

• 32m Terror Radius

• 115% movement speed

The other 4 puppets have no terror radius during this time.

The Puppet can choose to swap bodies from anywhere on the map. The only time the killer cannot swap hosts is when:

• The Puppet is within 20m of another puppet.

• The Puppet isn't on a flat surface when swapping is initiated.

• The Puppet is within 8m of an exit door or the hatch.

When the puppet begins to swap bodies the new puppet will emit a noise during it's activation time. The new puppet takes 3 seconds to activate while the terror radius remains with the old puppet until this is completed. There is a 15 second cooldown after the activation is complete.

Secondary Ability: Pulse

The killer can send out a pulse from one of his uncontrolled puppets on the map. All survivors within a 16m range will have their aura shown for 8 seconds. This has a 60 second cooldown. Puppets will give off an audio que when the killer uses this ability.

Killer Perks:

Puppet Master: No one escapes your wrath, no matter how long they hide. Once the hatch is activated it becomes locked for 40/50/60 seconds. The killer sees the last survivor aura for 5 seconds after the hatch is blocked. The killer cannot close the hatch after it reopens.

Sixth Sense: Years of stalking have given you a sixth sense for tracking your victims. The first 1/2/3 generators touched by survivors give off a notification noise and are highlighted in yellow for 8 seconds. After a generator has been completed the repair progress of generators can be determined by the intensity of their auras for 6/8/10 seconds.

Hex: Hide And Seek: All totems on the map have the hex applied to it. The game starts with a 15/20/25% penalty to all action speeds. Every totem cleansed reduces this action speed penalty by 3/4/5%. This hex perk trumps all other hex related perks.

Survivor: Gregory House

Gregory House was a detective, who had been working for over 20 years. He didn't have a family as it would hold him back from his job. He was very smart and was the main man when it came to any murder cases.

In his spare time he looked at old cases, mainly missing people cases. He then began to notice a correlation between a few of the cases. He began to do research, where he learned of a being called the Entity. The Entity was being worshipped by cults, believing it was taking people away to a better place to "test them". Greg became interested and joined a cult in order to find out everything he could. He didn't believe anything they were saying, expecting this to be a dead end but he was proven wrong.

He began to hear voices, voices of people he never heard of before begging for help. Then he heard a different voice, one not begging but one who was able to silence the other voices. He knew this wasn't anything human or anything that could be caught by normal means. He then thought of a plan, a plan to try and save these people. He began to ask questions about this world that the Entity created, showing an interest which the Entity liked.

The Entity became fond of Greg and his interest in that world. Greg knew there was no way of saving these people from the outside, so he needed to find a way inside. He asked the Entity to test him, bring him into this world to be tested. Within moments everything became dark and silent. Greg woke up next to a campfire, surrounded by the very people he heard talking to him in the real world. He believed once he got in he'd find a way to get everyone out, but he was very, very wrong.

Survivor Perks:

Calling In A Favour: You have participated in repairing gens like a good survivor, you deserve a reward. After 4/3/2 generators have been completed, 2 item boxes will spawn on the map. Item boxes can be searched 30/40/50% faster.

Close Call: When you have nothing between you and the killer, you make good with what you've got. After vaulting a pallet or window during a chase you gain a token. For every token earned you gain a 5% increase to vaulting, up to a max of 3/4/5 tokens. After dropping a pallet all tokens are lost. Windows are now blocked after vaulting 4 times.

Die A Hero: You won't let another teammate die, no matter what happens to you. If you are unhooking a survivor you cannot be grabbed. Any damage done by the killer will happen after the unhooking is complete. Your unhooking speed increased by 15/20/25%


Ultra Rare: Family Photo
  • Killer gains the undetectable status when within 16m of an uncontrolled puppet.
Ultra Rare: Police Report
  • No sound from puppets during activation.
Very Rare: Divorce Papers
  • Terror radius decreased by 8m. Every uncontrolled puppet has an 8m terror radius.
Very Rare: Tiny Shoes
  • One extra puppet will spawn on the map. Puppet swap cooldown increased by 15 seconds. Secondary ability cooldown increased by 30 seconds.
Very Rare: Bag Of Teeth
  • Puppets will have 1 second decreased activation time. The puppet swap cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds.
Very Rare: Wedding Ring
  • Replaces the Pulse ability with the Block ability. The killer can send out a pulse from one of his uncontrolled puppets on the map. All vaults and generators within a 16m range will all be blocked for 8 seconds. It has 60 second cooldown. Puppets will give off an audio que when the killer uses this ability.
Rare: Sketch Book
  • Puppets can be placed 10m closer to each other.
Rare: Lock Of Hair
  • The puppet has a reduced movement speed of 4.4m/s. The puppet's speed is increased to 4.8m/s when within 16m of an uncontrolled puppet.
Rare: Scarlet's Blanket 
  • Pulse/Block ability have ranges increased by 8m.
Rare: Bloody Clothes
  • Terror radius won't move to the new puppet for 4 seconds after activation. Activation time increased by 1 second. Cooldown increased by 10 seconds.
Rare: Marc's Aftershave 
  • When swapping all of the puppets activate but instantly drop after activation except for the new host puppet. 
Uncommon: Scarlet's Doll
  • Secondary ability cooldown decreased by 20 seconds.
Uncommon: Newspaper Ad
  • If a survivor is hit within 5 seconds of activation then the puppet will lose its terror radius and red stain for 16 seconds.
Uncommon: Wood Polish
  • Survivors are given the blindness status effect when within 16m of an uncontrolled puppet.
Uncommon: Marc's Glove
  • Surprise attacks give survivors the Broken status effect for 60 seconds.
Uncommon: Half Price Sign
  • Healing speed for survivors is decreased by 25% when within 24m of an uncontrolled puppet.
Common: 1# Daddy Birthday Card
  • Activation time decreased by 0.5 seconds.
Common: Rent Bills
  • Survivors can see the auras of uncontrolled puppets within 8m. The puppet will gain an extra 100% bloodpoints in the deviousness category for surprise attacks.
Common: Whiskey Bottle
  • The puppet swap cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds.
Common: Marc's Toolbox
  • Pulse/Block ability have ranges increased by 4m.


The puppet lifts the survivor up while in a standing position. He then stabs them in the chest with his spear, and begins to pull up, exposing the survivors rib cage. He then reaches in and pulls out their heart, drops it on the ground and crushes it. He then pulls out his spear and they just drop to the ground, dead.

Thanks for reading, any feedback is welcome.

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  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Updated the look of the chapter and changed one of the survivor perks.

    Also anyone who would like to draw the power/perk icons please say because I really want the chapter to look as good as it possibly can.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Some add-ons have changed rarity and abilities.

    Lore has been updated.

    Potential secondary ability is being worked on but cannot add it until I know if the ability is strong enough or not. The add-ons make a big difference to the power.

  • dsiistrange_3000dsiistrange_3000 Member Posts: 4

    Like the idea but I can see it being used as a way to take the game hostage. Couldn’t you block one to two generators with puppets?

    theres probably an easy workaround. Otherwise, good stuff!

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    @dsiistrange_3000 I think it should be able to block one side of a 2/3/4 man generator but you wouldn't be using the ability properly. I think lerys is the only map with solo generators so I'd imagine for this killer they'd change the gen spawns on that map or just not allow the killer to place one infront of it.

    The ability should be used to block certain loops or hide puppets around corners near generators to get surprise attacks on survivors.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention mate. What do you think of the perks? I spent a lot of time creating the images for them.

  • DoccyDoccy Member Posts: 103

    The power in itself is pretty cool, but I think that having four bodies to switch between is too easy for a skilled Killer to just hijack a game completely. I would reccommend reducing the number to three or maybe even two.

    No Strings Attached is a design that I really don't agree with. Exposed is a strong buff, but making it that wonky will just make it impossible to really balance. It will either be oppressively strong or weak.

    Entity's Creation - it's a cool idea, but as a perk I don't think anyone would really take it. It would be much better served as a generic Offering than a perk.

    Hex: Silent Night is in function just Ghostface's Furtive Chase but slightly different. I'd reccommend replacing this perk with something else.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    @Doccy thanks for your feedback mate.

    As for the ability I've been told by a few people they thought it needed something more. That at higher ranks you would get looped since you don't really have much to stop it. I was actually in the middle of writing a secondary ability lol

    No Strings Attached I always saw it as a manually used haunted grounds. But one suggestion I got was to only make it work on the first killed survivor.

    Entity's Creation I was hoping it could have been used with other hex totems to help protect them. It isn't good by itself but needs another hex totem to work with it. Yea it could be used as an offering which would be nice.

    Hex: Silent Night is something I wrote before plague was even released. When I saw Ghostface perks I was hoping Furtive Chase would work outside of the chase but it doesnt and to me its useless. No terror radius killers are the best in the game for scares and I want more killers to do that to me.

    I'll definitely take your feedback on board. Tell me what you thing about the survivor perks if you can but thanks anyway for the feedback you've already give. Btw what rank do you play at? I just want a gauge of how this killer is perceived at different ranks.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Replaced one killer perk, gave the killer a secondary ability and changed a few add-ons.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,530

    Just saw this. I can see you put a lot of effort into this! Really good job, i like it!

    I see so many ideas about killers being able to posses puppets/dolls/objects. It's a really nice concept! 😀

  • BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 19

    I really like this chapter Idea.

    I really wish “calling in a favour” was in the game, it would fit so well in an ace visconti chest hoarder meme build.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Thanks mate 👍 and yea I've seen a decent few puppet killers.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    @BigDaymo I have one friend in particular who would love this. They have to open every chest in the game and we aren't aloud to open any lol coin offerings can run out but this perk won't.

  • BillyBoiMainBillyBoiMain Member Posts: 164

    Very nice concept, could definitely see this being an actual chapter in Dead By Daylight. 😁

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    @BillyBoiMain thanks mate. A lot has been changed since the original version such as having a secondary ability and 3 perks being changed.

    It'll never be added but I feel after putting as much time into it as I have I want to make sure I have it perfect before I leave it.

  • BrayneePotatoBrayneePotato Member Posts: 7


    Lol, your Concept sounds similar to that of TWiXT. Maybe you two should work on that Idea together, check his thread out:


  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871
    edited July 2019

    @BrayneePotato yea I see the comparisons. I'm surprised I missed this since I was looking at the fan creations around then.

    Fair play you gave him a lot of good feedback

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Added headers to make finding the ability and perks easier. Improved the lore and fixed some spelling mistakes. Improved and adjusted certain add-ons.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,741

    Honestly, ive always felt that this is how legion should work. Be able to switch to any of them at any time. Take a bit to position at problem areas. Give add ons to give idle members redstains and terror radius'

    I like the professional visual to this. Good work

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871
    edited September 2019

    I swear to you that is where I got the idea from. I saw the teaser of the 4 legion members looking in the mirror and guessed this was their ability. I was so excited about having 4 killers on the map with the feeling of which one is the real killer.

    Once they shown his ability I was disappointed. So I used that original idea and just went from there.

    Thanks for mentioning how it looked. I spent a long time, on a bad phone app trying to make it look good. I always found it hard to read stuff like a book with no colour or images to keep me interested. I hoped this would break up the big piles of text while also giving a nice visual of how it would look in the game. I only wish I could draw since I currently have no ability icon or perk icons.

    Once again thanks mate for taking time to read it.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Changed the number of puppets to 5 instead of 4. Wanted the ability to have a similar map pressure to Demogorgan. I also removed the red stain part during the teleportation.

    Changed the perk No Strings Attached to Puppet Master. At the moment I feel the hatch perk is a lot more useful at this current time.

    Adjusted the add-ons. Wanted to balance some of the stronger add-ons when combined with other add-ons. Wanted to adjust the rarity of other add-ons. I needed to change some add-ons completely since they were irrelevant (aka red stain add-ons).

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    The power is amazing, and a very unique way for good map pressure. Pulse should only show the aura for 3-5 seconds. 10 is incredibly long. This killer is pretty meh in a chase, though. It could catch Survivors off guard by teleporting, but that won't work well often.

    Puppet Master should be for 10/15/20 seconds, and show the aura for 5 seconds, and this starts after that timer (^) is up.

    Locked Away is really cool! I think the regression should be halved, but still there, and that's the only thing I have a problem with regarding the actual effect. Though the Entity should rarely help the Killer, if ever. The flavor text could probably be "Sacrificing and breaking just takes too much time." or something of the sort.

    For Hex: Silent Night the max amount of counters should be 6 or 7, but other than that Silent Night is a terrifying perk that would have the ability to cause a similar amount of panic to Devour Hope.

    I won't comment on backstories or the Survivor, since I'm better at dealing with the Killer and all if you can't tell by me never making a Survivor for my chapters.

    Thank you for reading my response!

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Thank you for your feedback mate. Yea he doesn't have anything in particular to help with chases. The pulse ability was also meant to help with chases since you can see their aura on loops with walls. With the puppets all having collision you can also place them infront of pallets or windows to block them, but i don't think it is as practical. I will lower the pulse aura time by a few seconds anyway.

    Puppet Master starts after the second last survivor is sacrificed. I think 20 seconds is too low bearing in mind the survivor may have a key and it isn't enough time to down the survivor. I want the survivor to earn their escape by lasting a decent bit of time.

    I will change the flavour text relating to the Locked Away perk. I don't think the regression is too bad but if someone else brings this up then I'll definitely give it a slight change.

    Hex: Silent Night I want it to completely remove the terror radius if survivors don't destroy the totem. Your right when you say it'll cause panic similar to Devour hope which is what I want. I want the second survivors realise he has the perk then everyone will go made looking for the totem, which will slow down the game a bit.

    Thanks again for the feedback. I never give feedback on back stories either so your alright lol I think back stories aren't important at all in these chapters but I felt I needed to add one.

    Oh btw I almost forgot that in the add-ons section their is a way to change the pulse ability to an ability called block. The intention was to help with chases rather than find locations.

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    The collision could be really useful, and at least they have more then Pig, Ghostface, etc.

    But let's be honest here, as a good killer finding a lone Survivor at the end of a game with little to no pallets left is easy, and catching them is even easier. Puppet Master with a 90 second block is incredibly generous to the Killer, and is currently acting as a type of instant win during the late game.

    The regression probably wouldn't be too bad, but the half regression is just an idea so it isn't acting as a secondary Pop Goes the Weasel or something. It is a cool idea though, and kinda rewards hooking nearby a hex totem in some scenarios.

    Rethinking it, I think 8 tokens would definitely be perfect. Though I think the perk should gain tokens until the killer has no terror radius, since a lot of Killers have a smaller terror radius. What would happen if a Killer had a negative terror radius?

    I didn't read the add-ons, since they are hard to talk about without seeing them in action most of the time, so yeah. I also don't really make add-ons myself, but sometimes mention red add-ons because they're actually cool.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    It's only 60 seconds, 90 seconds would be way too much. I could add a condition where the hatch cannot be closed after the time is up. It's a make or break end game chase before the hatch opens. If your team used all the pallets then it's their fault for causing this scenario.

    Yea I'll definitely consider halfing the regression. Wouldn't want a killer camping the hook next to a gen. It's mainly for the hex totem example but just incase your panicking when a gen is nearly done at the hook. At least you could now would leave it and not panic about it being completed.

    No it won't be negative terror radius lol it's just 8 tokens so it'll reach the 32m terror radius most killers have. If the killer has a 24m terror radius then after the 6th token it'll just stay at 0.

    Don't worry about reading the add-ons lad. I just wanted to say that there is one add-on that helped with chases. I was inspired by freddy and his dream snares/pallets so I added one very rare add-on which changed the Pulse ability.

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    Oh, I was thinking about something different with the 60 90 seconds thing, 60 seconds and with the stated condition of not closing the hatch would be perfect.

    Or maybe the regression stops after 50% of the progression has, well, regressed..? I just thought of that.

    If there was a negative terror radius how would it work tho-

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Now that sounds pretty fair. I'll add that later on tonight. Takes a bit of effort editing the photos.

    If a gen regressed 50% from a survivor being on hook they should be nearly dead. I don't know exactly how long each phase lasts but I would hope a survivor wouldn't be left on the hook that long. I imagine a survivor on average being on the hook for about 20 seconds so that's 20% regressed.

    If you play a killer with 24m or less terror radius and run Hex: Silent Night it'll be pretty scary. If a killer gets to the negative terror radius stage then it would be horrible, even a simple nerf couldn't stop this.. your killer would turn into prenerfed legion with franks mixtape equipped.. It would be the end of the world as we know it 😂😂

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    The perk Locked Away has been replaced by Sixth Sense. After recent changes to Ruin I think an early game perk to help find survivors is very important right now.

    Added the condition to Puppet Master that the hatch cannot be closed after reopening. Wasn't balanced against killers who could door camp like Demogorgan and Trapper.

    The perk Hex: Silent Night has been replaced by Hex: Hide And Seek. This perk was also created due to the recent Ruin changes. This was designed to help the killer set up during the early game while also giving survivors a secondary objective rather than rushing generators.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Buffed Sixth Sense to make it more useful during mid/late game.

    Nerfed some add-ons and adjusted rarity.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Ability was changed slightly. Some add-ons needed adjusted to help with the ability changes I made.

    Was going to change Hex: Hide and Seek since the devs announced we are getting an early game slowdown mechanic added soon. However since they haven't announced what exactly it will be yet I'm going to keep it for now.

  • DontyodelsohardDontyodelsohard Member Posts: 2

    Aw, you beat me to it... I had a similar idea with basically the same ability but for mine it would have been a scarecrow themed killer, honestly a puppet master type thing probably makes more sense...

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,871

    Hey either or could work mate lol both can be pretty scary if done right. Though I'd say a scarecrow killer would lead to more corn maps..

    What do you think of the abilty/perks btw?

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